Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missing in action Me......

Hola folks!I'm back!
Pardon me for being MIA  for a long time....It's just so difficult for me to update while adjusting in this land with different zip code..I dunno why actually ..Maybe because it's like a 360 degrees turn of my life....A lot of changes, a lot of stories to tell.....For more than 3 months it's kind of difficult to update....But lemme try...
Will use bullets so it would be easier to enumerate....

These are the highlights of my life here in Mex.......

  • Mexico says Bienvenidos - a warm welcome for me :D
  • 15 days of wedding preps (Church Wedding) - we're the wedding preps expert I must say
  • DIY Days with HUB- DIY is more fun when you are with Mister
  • Wedding details
  • Cacti-ish Prenup - My dream Prenup location
  • Church Wedding - Full of laughter
  • Wedding invaders/spies!- Loser never win :P
  • Fiesta ala Mexicana- Fun. Fun.
  • Romantic Groom- Hubby surprised me with a romantic wedding night
  • Honeymoon Train Adventure -a peek of Chihuahua, Mexico
  • I'm an Immigrant! - Yup! i just changed my address 
  • Beach Wedding in PH...Moved! - Good or Bad?
  • Understanding Suppliers is LOVE
  • FELIZ NAVIDAD- Our Xmas tree is UP! 
So  far that's the stories I wanna tell....Please give me a lil more time to narrate... one by one :D
Hopefully soon...very very soon....Let me just dig up my brain to recall all the details....OK? 
Thanks for bearing with me! Bye for now! 



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