Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our wedding videographer: Stephen Wedding Film

Having a celebrity-like wedding video is what I always dreamed of  (yes, celebrity like talaga kase artistahin ako chos lang hehe :). Well, I was talking about the SDE (same day edit) videos or also known as onsite videos.

As wikipedia defines it here ---->

Same Day Edit : ( Also called a wedding day edit) A short video produced from footage of the wedding shot earlier in the day, usually only incorporating footage from pre-ceremony, ceremony and post ceremony, that is then showed at the reception as a recap of the wedding.

I'm actually a fan of Jason Magbanua ever since and  I even wished I could get him as my wedding  videographer. Now that I am at this point of my life where I'm  planning my own wedding I just realized sometimes dreams are just dreams..Go on and keep on dreaming! LOL Why? Because after I knew how much do we need to save to avail a service of Mr. JM I just told myself we need to live within our means...hahaha. Well, yes! we can't afford his service. We actually can if we will not be practical but It's just too much for a normal people like us and  besides we don't want to earn debts just to have our dream wedding...So, we decided to just find someone who's within our budget but can provide a good quality service too. Late last year we started our  search, I keep on sending emails for some good videographers with good reviews at the same time with good rates but unfortunately all of them are already booked for December 2012. Gawd! I can't imagine that videographers are kind of hard to find.. There are lots them but the one that can give you what you want....hmmm well it requires a lot of research for you to find them. Can you imagine how desperate I am to find one? I'm sending emails of inquiry even on Christmas day! LOL...Yes, I stumbled upon Stephen Wedding Film's site on Christmas day (right after Noche buena I guess) and the Holiday don't bothered me to shoot him an email. But guess what? It seems like Stephen's reply  is one of great Christmas gift we received  cause he answered me on Christmas day too informing me that he is still available on our wedding date. Few more emails and we finally agreed to a meet up. YEY!
Stephen Prado is still new in the business but what I love about his work except for affordable rates ( when I  I booked him) is his unique concept videos. Because of those videos we want us to have one too aside from the SDE.. :p

Sample of Stephen's concept video I'm talking about. :D

January 09, 2012 with BFF Charm I booked and signed a contract with him in UCC Coffee in Robinsons Manila.I was actually surprised when I knew that he is younger than me..Haha tanda ko na!

The meeting went okay. He sometimes sms me about a possible location for our concept shoot and stuffs like that after booking him. In facebook when he is online I update him about the preps progress and even asked him twice if it's ok to change of our wedding location so as our wedding date, glad it's fine with him.I found a supplier/friend feeling in him that makes it more easier for me to reach him without feeling intimidated.

Just right after I booked him some of his works have been featured in some countries known wedding blogsites that made me feel that its really his YEAR to bloom in wedding business.

Features he'd got so far....

Weddings at Work -Feature Grandest Grand Entrance of Newlyweds we’ve seen so far!
Rebellious Brides: The Pedicab Entrance
Weddings at Work: Best Vows of 2011

For brides-to-be who are interested in Stephen Prado's work, know him more from his w@w podcast from this link. :)

Let me finished this post with Aubrey Carampel's (showbiz reporter of GMA 7) wedding concept video by Stephen Prado with help of award winning director and GMA 7 reporter Cesar Apolinario.
Hope you enjoy it like I do! :D


  1. I'm not yet married but my favorite part during reception is watching the SDE. That's something that will definitely be in my list (because I've heard of some couples who opt not to get a SDE). Goodluck with the wedding preps! :)

  2. Be cautious of Stephen Prado Videographer

    I would like to share our BAD after sales experience with videographer Stephen Prado. His contract states the edited videos or his product will be available after a long wait of 5 months along with our provided storage that will contain the raw footages.

    We only received the product (burned in DVD) after the 7th month of chasing him by email, by overseas calls and by my siblings in philippines... But we still havent got our hard disk our the raw footages.

    So we tried another round of chase and he verbally said to lbc the hard disk but till today we never received anything.

    I hope our experiences would serve as warning when youre considering stephen prado. If you still would chose him as videographer JUST PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND CAUTIOUS.

    I just had simply enough of this guy.

    1. Hi, I just chanced upon this blog And your comment while I was looking for bad reviews about Stephen Prado of Stephen Wedding Films. I am in the same position as you are still waiting for a copy of my SDE for 4 months now. I also live overseas so it's very hard to contact him. I've sent him countless of emails and fb messages with no single reply not until I posted. a message on their FB page. Her immediately messaged me directly using his private FB. It's been a week now but still no SDE vid and final edited vid. I just wanna know if you have received everything you paid for? I've fully paid for the whole package and I am extremely disappointed with how he treats his clients.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. We have exactly the same experience with Stephen Wedding Films. We are also an overseas couple. Emails are our only hope.

      To be fair we got a brilliant SDE, and we also got a DVD of the edited coverage which wasn't nearly half as good as the SDE, a year after calls and emails.

      We gave him a hardrive which he told us to leave to a guard in a condo. Not to him personally.

      Till now no raw files.

    4. Guys! I need help too! Im planning to file a case against him too. Please contact me

  3. We've had a similarly HORRIBLE experience with Stephen Prado.

    He failed to show up on our wedding day, sending instead his team members who were late and failed to capture the moments of the bride getting ready at the hotel. They did not introduce themselves. They had no idea where their boss Stephen was and whether or not he would show up at the wedding. The groom had to call him up after the ceremony, only to find out that he had a "family emergency" and that he would try to make it to the reception at night. Obviously, he didn't make it to the reception either. He should have given us an early heads-up the day before at the very least. He is extremely unprofessional.

    Afterwards, he would refuse to reply to numerous emails and text messages, and whenever we would follow up on the video files, he would only reply that they would be available for pick up 3-6 months after the wedding "as per contract". He is incredibly rude and would not pick up the phone whenever we try to call him either.

    And so three months passed...four months...five months...six months. After a lot of displeased attempts to try to reach him, he had the unbelievable nerve to ask us what we were asking for, because he had no record of what he had given us, which was, of course, NOTHING. Then, he finally tells us that our video footage would not be available for another month. He made up excuses that our footage was of unacceptable quality to him so he had to ask his crew to redo the videos. THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE. He had 6 full months to make our wedding video PERFECT, and he should have forked up the FLAWLESS results of the raw footage by the end of 6 months, "AS PER CONTRACT".

    This guy is bad news. We are vehemently discouraging ANYONE to hire him. He should not even be operating anymore. His business should be shut down.

    1. Guys! I need help too! Im planning to file a case against him too. Please contact me

  4. I'm having horrible experience with Stephen Prado's aftersales too. We're a couple living abroad so I'm basically getting in touch with him just thru facebook and sometimes skype phone calls. After almost 10 months of waiting, wala pa din! It will be our anniversary in March and yet we have not received our raw videos and the final edited video. He should definitely stop (over) filling his schedule so he would have sufficient time to do the final-edited videos and more time for his after-sales. It is such a shame because he did a great SDE on our wedding day but he has gotten the money-voila! It'll be a pain to get in contact with him.

    1. Guys! I need help too! Im planning to file a case against him too. Please contact me

  5. Guys! I need help too! Im planning to file a case against him too. Please contact me


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