Monday, May 28, 2012

Jef Albea - Wedding gown designer : BOOKED

Hi friends!!!
My week has been so busy and the metropolitan life kept my fingers frozen that made me missed more than a week to write even just one post...Pardon me for that!

It's a roller coaster week...
Happy, sad, happy sad....
As much as I wanted to give you all the details I guess I will just make you all confuse , so for the moment lemme just share you one of the best news of the week.... after half year of searching I finally met and booked my wedding gown designer.

He is Jef Albea....

Jef was referred to me by a w@w friend Wynn ( thank you sistah! ) and after I saw his site I just have a good feeling about his creations. I was thrilled so I visited him in his place with Bff Charm last April 21, Saturday. He drew a sketch for me basing on my pegs and guess what? I am really tempted to book him right then and there due to excitement hahaha  but since I have to wait for Alan’s approval I told him give me until Wednesday to decide. That same day after i reported  how's the meet up and how I love Jef's sketch for me Alan gave me the approval and even decided to book him as our female entourage gown designer too....tee hee!

Tuesday morning was not really good so to change my mood I shoot him a sms asking he is free anytime that day so I can book him and I'm glad he has spare time to accommodate me in the afternoon....

And there you go... I booked him and we signed the contract! In one sitting he made the female entourage gown sketches as well us Alan's suit that really made me happy. I even forgot how bad my morning was...
I so love Jef na and he is so guapo pa!.... :)

I want to keep the surprise factor here sana but then I just can't resist to share his sketches for us... anyways it's still gonna be different in the actual bakit ba? (palusot pa ako) :P
So without further ado...let me share you my bridal gown in the making.....: D

let's start from here!
please click the photos for better viewing......

My gown :D

Alan's suit 

Mom's gown

Mother in law's

 for my Maid of Honor

for Secondary Sponsors

 for my Bridesmaid

for flower girls

Jef  busy doing my entourage sketches :)

Our perfect picture from his iphone :)

That's it!

For a designer, Jef's rate is a way affordable to other known designers in town but since he is still young and have lots of ideas in mind I believe he can make my dream gown into reality. You can tell him your budget and he can adjust well still depending on your pegs.With the rapport I can say I love him to bits, for me that's a big plus. I know I can't rate him just yet.... not until our wedding is done but you know what since I met him he just made me feel so excited and happy looking forward to see myself wearing that gown!Yiiiihhhh! 

Ok....will park na...bye for now! ~ ANNA

Note: Jef can draw a sketch for you on the spot  but then he can't give it to you not until you book him... In that case I almost  book him on the spot! LOL

Check his site here!


  1. still deciding sis...pero grabe! guapo nya talaga!

  2. Nice sketches! your gown looks so glam! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Hi Sis! ang saya! kelan na first fitting mo with jeff? :)

  4. Awesome! Designers fascinate me. It's going to be one beautiful gown!

  5. beautiful gown! my wedding will be on december too. i'll meet up with my designer on the 15th. i'm quite excited!

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  9. I am extremely torn between two dazzling gowns and not sure, which one should I buy for me for making my day completely memorable.
    sell wedding dress

  10. Thank God your experience was great. Mine was horrible. He made my wedding a nightmare. Hindi ko naisukat ang gown ko for final
    Fitting. Laging reschedule. Yung mga gowns ng bridesmaids ko na we paid 5k each, mali mali ang measurements. He let her assistant sew the gowns and made alterations on the day itself. So unprofessional!


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