Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweet surprise

My husband booked a room in the hotel near our reception venue for the night of our Church wedding, the plan was we will spend the night in the hotel like you know...like normal newly weds ;). We booked our honeymoon like a few days more after our wedding so for the meantime an overnight stay will do :D

What surprised me was when we arrived we entered not just in a standard room but my man was so generous enough and got the only executive suite in that hotel, and not only that he even decorated it with rose petals, from the door until our bed and even the jacuzzi. :D How sweet was that? My tipsiness was gone after seeing it...haha... *giggles*

our bed

our jacuzzi

Not only that, when I woke up the next morning he surprised me with a bouquet of pink roses ... I almost fainted lol. Hmmm now why I am posting this? well it's because I wanna document it and when I feel like looking back, It's just a click away :D

my bouquet of pink roses
So much inlove- ANNA ;-)

Friday, April 12, 2013

We said " I do " again

At first I thought staying here in Mex will let me post more stories ( because of the new culture and environment) and even shed some pounds ( because I will not be eating rice in a daily basis) but omg!What happened to me? I was like 98.99% gone here and gained like 10 more pounds (loser much! lol).
My bad! I'm so sorry folks but I really dunno what's in here that made me too lazy while the wifi connection is in full bar...What happened in the passed 8 months of laziness? Well....

I arrived, met Alan's family and friends,enjoyed Mexican foods,drank tequila and corona until my liver was about to scream, got tanned by the hell-like summer in Sonoran desert, got frozen by the 1 digit something degree celsius temperature during the winter, etc.....etc....

But you know what's the best part of what happened here?

These.... :D *giggles*

PS. I will keep you hanging for a while if you are waiting for a more detailed stories about our weddings ... Yup! until we are done with our fourth, so please just watch out for that ;) .

our Civil Wedding

our Church Wedding

One more wedding to go folks! ;-)