Thursday, July 19, 2012

Outdoor Boudoir Inspiration

Would you dare posing sexy outdoor?? or afraid to show those flabs hidden in your daily clothes??? Wanna feel sexy even in just few hours? or you just wanna keep it for your eyes only forever?? Life is too short to be kill joy so yes..... I'm one of those who are brave enough to try it! And guess what??? I just did! and I love it! I love the feeling and I love how they focused their lenses on me that made me feel like I'm a one-day-star-model-like-HOT-lady-in-a-private-islet.... :D

I'm not as pretty as celebrities nor as sexy as JLO...I'm even overweight according to my last full medical check...but Hell! Yeah! I wanna feel sexy and beautiful in my own way.....even just for a day......and so I'm glad I did! ......

I don't have all the photos of my rebellious outdoor boudoir yet so for the meantime I wanna share you my outdoor boudoir inspiration....Yes, outdoor! I wanna try something different....where nature will be my backdrop....and sun would be the source of lights ...Going back to the inspiration....please see the collage below ;)
pics from pinterest :D 
So what now??are you with me?! Well, I know we all have different views and I respect wherever you are in....

For me boudoir is more than showing of skin's more on appreciating your own beauty while boosting your matter how chubby or skinny you are....

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