Friday, July 20, 2012

Be cool in BICOL!

Spell LAZY and BUSY!--------> This post is a month overdue *sorry*

Yes, I'm lazy......I'm too lazy in updating our blog now....and

too busy thinking and prepping for our 2 upcoming weddings....

Hmmmmm I'm actually pressured about our wedding in Mexico this coming August because you know how short notice it was plus I'm still getting hard time sending and requesting the necessary papers for the Church requirements there.  We planned it to be just simple, very intimate and kind of low budget wedding  since we don't really expecting this but as much as possible we wanted to make it as special as our beach wedding here in the Philippines on December.

Okay, enough of blabbing about the wedding preps....For the meantime let me share you how I left the wedding stuffs  for a while and got a short vacay in Bicoladia...

Finally after thousand years planning....we made it there LOL...

I went to Bicol with my High School friends... namely Joarry (who is on vacay from her cruise ship job), Troy ( a cool COO), Charm (my outgoing banker BFF) and Rio ( IT techy buddy).

See how we explored Bicolandia ......(June8-10, 2012)

We rode a 21 seater Cagsawa  Bus (elite class) --->
from Cubao-Albay ( 10-12 hours land trip).....We actually wanted to try the PNR train ride but because we are kind of scared in terms of safety we opted to try this bus instead.....though part of me really wanna try a slumdog-millionaire-like-ride but like what they always first!Hmmm, let us see if this bus is worth riding for.....okay,  the bus interior is cozy...with a business-class-plane-seater-like seat, very cold (so I suggest you bring your own blanket coz I can't sleep in a space with 15-19 degrees temperature without even a small pillow...>_<), and  they have a driver and conductor who are not really friendly at all (we can't even ask them to take us a group picture for souvenir hmmmp), no restroom ( i thought they have ) and no wifi connection (disappointing because some bus with lower rate have this )....for a P920.00 each person in one trip I'd rather add few more hundreds for a plane ride than riding again here because honestly I'm not comfortable traveling aboard this bus....maybe because of  the fast and furious speed of it that made my eyes widely open the whole night :(.

We decide not to book a hotel prior to our trip.... Troy said it's a backpacker's style so better we just do look for it right then in there...when we arrive in Albay...So we did!

We are not really up to a 5 star hotel accommodation since our main goal is to explore Albay as much as we could so we don't need a very pricey room where we will stay only just to get some zzzzz.... Finally with the help of Charm's brother who always have a business trip in Bicol we got an affordable hotel/Inn.

We checked in Jenifer's.....We took only one big room and add one mattress.... and guess how much it cost us???hahaha because it's not peak season anymore we get them for only P2100 ...Not bad right?? see the amenities below :D

From Jenifer's ...just after eating our breakfast there we went Cagsawa ruins to see the Mayon volcano ....we saw it but because of the super hot weather we decided to just go back the next day to take some picture because the heat of  the sun is not really tolerable at all.... :( 


Troy was telling us how he loved the burger here.....

unfortunately it's not available when we decided to dine...awwww...
because they said  they run out of buns....oh please!!

Embarcadero excites me only for one thing which is the zipline...Hey!it's my first time....
Talk about fight your own fears... and extreme activities!!! Wiiiih


getting ready...
kabado na LOL

I'm brave!!
Charm and Joarry were afraid to try it they just watch us and took some photos of how brave we are LOL....

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Tired???we are not! To taste the famous sili ice cream we went to Gaisano Mall where !st Colonial Grill is located....

while waiting for our sili ice creams :)

next time i will try the calamansi and malunggay ice cream 

sili ice cream....yes it is hot.... with the pimiento-like taste

tinutong ice cream.....this is yum!

pili ice cream- yummier! i love this the most :)

Ooooops! Can you belive we still have the power to a visit Santo Domingo Church?? Funny but we never know that Santo Domingo, Albay is a liltle bit far from Legaspi...Like 40 minutes jeepney ride I guess..

I so love this old Church

what's in there? haha...
We went back ....near Gaisano Mall area after....We hired a cab to tour us in Lignon hill...Glad Manong driver was nice....He charged us P400.00...Good deal for 6 of us right?? what to see there??check 'em below.......

for only P5.00 you can have a closer view of Mayon Volcano


group picture finally :D

Time for Dinner so we asked Manong driver to drop us to Balai Cena Una...Hmmm....

let us see the Menu
Long Day=oilyness argh...

pandan rice

bicol express/side dish

pork medallion in pepper sauce

Tinutungan chicken

I forgot this too! talk about memory lost??all i know is it's a fish

lumpiang shanghai

pork cordon bleu


Cena una chocolate cake

Rio's Birthday cheese cake... this one is free fom Cena generous?
and hey! it's so yummy! :D

Advance Happy Birthday Rio :)

Us again :D

before leaving ....

we call it a night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After that blissful dinner ...we head back to Jennifer's...and yes we are dead tired! LOL

June10- last day...we woke up early because we wanted to catch the early morning view of Mayon volcano from Cagsawa ruins where you can see the perfect cone volcano without any clouds...Just a jeepney ride away from Jenifer' 5-ish in the morning...

Locals says: to catch the perfect view of Mayon Volcano you have to be at Cagsawa Ruins from 5-8 in the morning ...or else enjoy Mayon with clouds...

the boys

amazing place we have in the country.... a must see!
After enjoying the Mayon view we went to old Albay ....we visited St. Gregory Church....too bad we're not able to hear the whole mass...Hmmm....We can't understand their we just pray and...

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and we walked til we find this....SMALLTALK...where we wanted to taste their famous laing pizza..For some mishaps...oh well we are too early....We are there at 8am and this opens at 9am...tsk tsk...

so we just pose in front.....eeeer
We are hungry so ...good thing Biggs Diner is just a block away....

after 48 years this burger finally came

happy kid , happy tummy
After breakfast we dropped by the bus terminal to buy some Pasalubong....and then back to Jennifer's andchecked out....We are in a hurry! why???because we want to try the famous halo halo in Bicol!!!!
Gawd! Can you imagine how many pounds I gain after this trip? LOL

So there!With our bags...we went to DJC Halo halo....near Gaisano Mall....

I'm enjoying this yummy halo halo while watching Pacquiao vs Bradley fight haha

Back to Manila this time....yes with a plane ride!!buti nalang :)

before boarding a CebuPac flight

until next time Bicol..
Two days is too short to explore whole Bicolandia but at least we get some taste of it!!!!
Next time we want it longer maybe a week or two????good luck!!! but for sure we will!

I love Bicol! :D


  1. I miss Biggs Bacon Cheeseburger! :)

  2. let's explore Camsur and Sorsogon next!

  3. Parang gusto ko din, ah. Kaso ang haba ng byahe. :(

  4. biggs reuben burger! yum yum yum. i hope you tried their pork cordon bleu. sayang di kayo dumiretso ng cam sur. ganda sa caramoan. :)


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