Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY bouquet # 3 - for my outdoor boudoir shoot

If you're a reader of this blog you may  notice how I love DIY-ing bouquets....First two down! but, wait! there's more! LOL ..... Yup I have a new DIY bouquet...this time I used  for my outdoor boudoir shoot last week...Hmmmm yes I still owe you a post for that... I promise I will soonest...I just don't get all the copies yet :P

Do you wanna see the third DIY bouquet now??? Come on! and see how  easy breezy it is to make.... :)


5 stems of torch ginger flower - i bought  from Liliw, Laguna pa....(P5 each)
3 stems of yellow mums - (P25 each) - why so pricey in the Province :(
1 bundle of Anahaw leaves  -(P30 per bundle)
flower twine,garter and ribbons - just found in the house

yellow mums

torch ginger flower

anahaw leaves

all together :)

estimated cost: P130.00

Steps :

Just so easy, just bind them together....I'm sorry I don't have a step by step photos ... only this....

I used the twine first but it's not so effective so I double wrapped it with garter
and ribbons...effective I guess hahaha

Here's the final product, taken from my outdoor boudoir shoot! :D

i love the colors

feel na feel ko talaga :p

Don't you think it's lovely?? hahaha
I love it! - love your own right? :)
That's it pansit! :) 
Til next DIY folks ;)

Ps. I almost forgot to tell you that the next day after the shoot is my dad's 50th birthday and I really planned to bring the bouquet for him....:D

belated happy birthday Daddy!I love you!


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