Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Fitting (Mexico wedding gown)

Yup yup! i'm already done with my 1st fitting for my gown in  Mexico last July 7...Funny! but I feel so nervous before I tried it......hahaha.... But hey! I so love it.. I so love the drapings and the flow of the fabric....the only thing that I hate was.....Errrrrrrrr I gained extra pounds! whooooooah that made the gown a little bit tigher than it should be..... So I asked Jef if he can wait for me until I somehow lose some flabs! (asa pa talaga ako)! Glad Jef let me....Hmmmmm ....At the moment I doubt I lose some...huhu but I'm still hoping!*wish me luck*..... If not He don't have any choice but to adjust it! :(
I have some pictures taken during the fitting (courtesy of sis Irene) .... but since Alan has this belief about seeing his bride with the wedding dress on before the wedding  day is a bad luck.... so I decided not to share it until our wedding is over! :) yeah so Pinoy lang ang peg! :P
I just can't wait until it's done :D wiiiiihhhh hapiness <3

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