Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY: customized wedding matches

To make our wedding more detailed I wanted to have a customize matches for lighting up our candles, so to save (the normal prize of it is ranging from P 80-100 in bridal shops) I decided to do it myself. I gathered some recyclable materials in the house that I can used to make my DIY projects. I am just glad I found something that I can use here to fit  our Mexican beach theme. Here’s how I made them effortless, as simple as 1, 2, 3. :D

Materials I’ve used:

2 matches – I asked my lil bro to buy it in the neighborhood store.   P2.50 each
Colored sand – I asked my lil sister to buy it (orange and blue) in Pandayan bookstore in Rob.
                                Orange =P11/pack           Blue=P10/pack
Orange elastic bands- I took it from my niece hair accessories (box).
Glue, glue gun, glue stick – We already have it in the house. (good thing)
Dolphin shaped beads- I’ve got it from my old broken necklace.

TOTAL cost : P26.00/US$0.55

How to:

1.       I tied 6-8 sticks of matches using elastic band and set it aside.

2.       I took out  the outer part of the match boxes, put some glue all over the top and pour ample amount of blue sand. I set it aside for 20 minutes to dry.

3.        I did the same thing to the other side of the matches after drying the first side.  I put a little bit of glue in the lower part of the matchbox and then poured the orange colored sand.

5.       The 2 dolphin beads I attached in the middle of the box using glue gun. I positioned them like they were kissing.

6.       And finally I pasted our cut printed names in both sides of the match boxes opening.(Baby, blame Mommy for your mispelled name :P she's the one who printed it. :D

And there you go! Just a piece of cake! Our matches are now ready to light us up. Let's cheers to that! :D


My DIY ring holder and wedding cord. Will keep you posted folks.


  1. ganda sis! congrats on your DIY project!

  2. sis, we used the same matchbox! hahaha! commando :) hihi

  3. Oo nga sis Kat! Napansin ko rin yun hehe...why not?! hihi :D


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