Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Pinay - Mexican love story

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We decided to post it here too for you to know how the Pinay met and got married to the Mexican. :D

Alan's version

First meeting

When I first met Anna I already felt something I can’t explain, love at first sight I guess...She was introduced to me by one of our colleagues, I have this feeling that she is the one I am looking for so starting then  I told myself I have to do something.( I thought she is only 20 years old).

First Date

Our first date was a mess! I remember I tried to hold her hands but she denied. The whole night she’s bored. I doubt she enjoyed it but I don’t know why no matter how bad that night may seems for me it’s still a night to have.

 The Courtship

After our first date I tried to have a good conversation with her but she keeps on ignoring me. I gave her chocolates, wine and flower…anything that for me is romantic and nice but nothing worked, she don’t even give me a chance. For me she’s so childish…After 2 months or so even if I still wanted to be with her I stopped talking to her and tried to ignore her (well I guess that’s what she wanted).

A day to remember

One Saturday night, a couple of weeks or so after I stopped courting Anna a common friend of ours invited us to go clubbing in a place called “La Nave” to celebrate her birthday, and so we went. We are sitted like one meter apart from each other and never talk at all but both of us are drinking and having a good time. I keep on dancing with friends and after few hours with my surprise she invited me to dance (I guess she was jealous, oh well she is actually drunk haha).I’m like on a cloud 9 that night cause suddenly it’s like magic!

After that night since she was drunk and confessed she doesn’t remember anything, we talked. She finally gave me a chance to be my girlfriend. From that day on my life has changed and I am the happiest man in the world. I know  it is not easy for her to adjust so we did it one step at a time, she let me prove myself and later on I know she fell in love with me the same way that I do.

Anna's version

First meeting

March 12, 2011 when I first saw and met Alan, It’s actually only my second day since I came onboard on that ship where we are working. He was introduced by one lady who works in Front desk, just a simple hi and I’m gone, I don’t think he is attractive then.

First date

We have a couple friends (Mexican and Filipina) who are the one busy in matching us together, so even if I don’t really like to have a date with Alan I am forced to do so. It was in Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). I tried to have a conversation with him but for the whole night all I remembered was he don’t eat avocado (I find it strange, a Mexican who don’t eat guacamole).Anyways, I don’t expect I will enjoy that night cause since the first time I met Alan he already showed me how he likes me but after knowing that I’m 3 years older than him I said no way! I prefer to have an older partner and I told him that even before the first date. He is just like a brother to me.

The Courtship

I got so irritated with him since he started courting me because everywhere I go he is there. He is like my shadow so the whole ship even know  he really likes me. He gave me chocolates, I shared it with my roommates and friends, He gave me wine,  we used it in one friends birthday party, he gave me flower I just leave it in the wifi area.I even showed him rudeness just to leave me alone and then maybe after so many attempts he gave up.Finally…

A day to remember

June 4,2011,it was a girl friend’s birthday celebration when we crossed our ways again.We are apart and having our own companies, him drinking whiskey and I’m having Jose Cuervo Classic tequila shots.Oh yes, that night I really love the booze, I drink the shots like its only an orange juice. I don’t know why that night Alan is so handsome in my eyes? Maybe I’m tipsy already or what? I keep on drinking and all I remember was I was dancing with him…other than that ask the audience! LOL

The next day, I woke up trying to remember what happened because honestly I don’t remember and so I asked for answers. Omgosh! What a mess!!haha 
And so I talked to Alan, I make it up to him and gave him a chance. I officially said yes to him though I asked for more time to adjust. Everyday I spent with him is like a thrilling moments to look forward to. I finally see the good in him and made me realized how stupid I am for not letting it happen since the very first time he showed his affection to me. I suddenly fell in love with the man I hated the most before.

After two months of being together we got married on board. :D


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