Monday, February 27, 2012


My #1 goal before our big day is to lose weight! Really! Who wouldn't what to feel sexy on her wedding day? :D Wedding gown looks more stunning if your figure is like a coca cola bottle isn't it? : D oh yeah, I wish!
And so I enrolled yesterday with my BFF Odeth in a gym here, like one block away from our house (good thing close) and  then we started  today at 6 o'clock in the morning for our first session. Yey! Bride-xercise time!
What I love about the gym is the ambiance (it looks cozy with its landscape outside plus a very nice view of the bay inside) and the instructor (he's friendly and approachable, even if it's only our first session).With this start I will just think of my wedding gown and I believe I can do it, haha. I am giving myself  60 days to sexy, yes call it torture but I want to achieve it before meeting my future designer (help!!).It seems so desperate but to be honest I am really desperate and I'm forcing myself to do this. I can't believe after 4 months of bumming I gained like 10 kilos! OMG... The culprit is my granny's cooking I bet! LOL
On a serious note I am not writing this just for me but to encourage fellow brides too! Your body may quiver, anticipating things like sweat and hard work whenever we think of exercise but I guess it's better to think of the opposite effect of it mentally, let's call it stressercise.
According to “Take time for you” exercise releases endorphins, which induce the feelings of well-being and relaxation. Endorphins have been said to be actually decrease stress and pain, as well as increase memory and brain power. By making exercise a normal part of our weekly routine, our endorphins continue to flow creating a healthy cycle for our body. This in turn keeps us feeling energized and happy all day long. So why not steal some of your time to do it too? 
Well I'm not telling you to enroll in the gym too like I did. I just figured out that this is the type of exercise that will works the best for me but you could exercise only by doing sit ups, while waiting your coffee to brew; jump a rope; ride a bike; take stairs instead of elevator or go out dancing with friends, and many more simple moves like that.
Come on!let’s do some bride-xercise not only to be physically sexy on our big day but also allowing ourselves to have a break from stress and tension of our wedding preps. :D

and this is my best buddy today :D

 I almost faint when I saw my weight! OMG! I guess the scale is broken LOL

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