Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something gold for "Something Old"

Who wouldn’t love to have a some thing that is old for your wedding when you knew it's one of those memorabilias your parents used on their own Big day? Because for me, I love the idea of  having at least one.
Over the weekend  I was telling my Mom about the “something, something thing tradition” which is not of her knowledge at all, so I explained to her what is the meaning of each something….blah blah and of course I’ve asked her already  of what  she think is the best thing that I can  use for our “something old”, well because it’s new to her she actually don’t have idea, though she  offered me some old  jewelries and accessories that maybe I can use but none of them is my type..I don’t think those kinds will match our Mexican beach theme so she dig up her old boxes (“baul”) just to show me their wedding arrhae and cord  and guess what? Finally I found what will be our something old ha-ha….I was drooling over their wedding cord! I guess 27 years is old enough no? Just like my age! Hmmm I mean six months older than me. You want to see what I mean? See yourself :)

Cool right? I don’t really know if any of you already saw a wedding cord like this but for me this is new! :D I love it because it is so unique! (for me). Mom saw it once from a friend's wedding and from there they’ve got the idea.

It’s made of 80 pieces of 1979-1981 10 centavo coins. How much in total? You do the Math! :D My parents asked one local jewelry shop here in Mindoro to make it customize for them, they just provided the coins and paid them like P500 for the service. For me it is kind of pricey for a cord ha!   But in all fairness to my parents they made it a bit pricey for me to use! LOL. What can I say? The shop just made it perfect!  They made a golden cord (gold plated)... Bongga! Something gold for something old ^_^

My mom told me to just change the heart detail in the middle cause she wanted to keep it as her remembrance, so I did! ( it’s not our names that are written in there anyway). I am planning to make it as one of my DIY projects. I am just still in search for the detail I wanted to use because I am planning to change the heart thing to make it a little bit different with the one my parents have... I just can’t wait to do it and for sure I will keep you updated as soon as I’m finish with this! Excited much!

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