Friday, February 24, 2012

2013 Planner as giveaway

Anna bought some cute floral pens in the Philippines that we will use as one of our wedding favors. We don't want those typical display favors for our wedding so we are thinking of something else that will match the pen. At first Anna was thinking of customized post it or note pad but when she checked it's kind of too expensive for that.Good thing we remembered her pocket planner, and she asked me if we can DIY. I knew I can do it so I volunteered to do the lay out and do my very best! 

It took me some hours and stretched my imagination to make it.With the combined ideas of my wifey and I, here is the result :

I based my design to the monthly occasions related to us,our holidays here in Mexico and there in the Philippines...

It's nice noh?  I hope you liked it!

Now it is Anna's turn to print it and do the mass production. She is planning to print it in kraft paper, same like the planner that she is using

We believed it is a great idea specially because our wedding is  scheduled in the end of the year and we are sure that the pen and the planner will be useful for our guests for the coming new year.

Ps. I made two different cover, one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. For the pens we are on search for a nice pen design for men too. Don't you think it's lovely?Because we just love it! :D


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  1. The pocket planner that I am using is the one from papemelroti. :D


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