Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Sailor Couple dolls by ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

Today I was surprised when I've got a private message in Facebook from ANTHILL informing me that the couple sailor dolls I requested them to make for us are already done.Yey! And they've attached a photo of them....Gawd!! They are so adorable!!
This  Isabel x HOME occupational dolls caught my attention few weeks back....The first thing that came into my mind that time is why not request  for a seawoman/seaman rag dolls.... it's one of things that could represent me and these dolls will surely match our Nautical/Chevron inspired wedding and  I could even help HOME mothers to create more lovely occupational dolls..... Without second thoughts I  shoot them a message....gave them pegs and now...I am so happy with the output!!! Can't wait to see??? Come on!

Lemme share you my pegs (for the dolls outfits/clothes) ....see below!

for the sailor woman

for the sailorman 

note:photos from the web

and the final product

I so love them!! <3
Don't you think they're lovely?? I super love them and really can't wait to see them up close.... I'm just waiting for the invoice so they can finally ship them to me. :D

I never mention this to Alan yet but I'm sure he will love them to bits too!....

Customized Isabel occupational rag dolls is at P550.00 each only  + shipping fee....So if you are a couple with same occupation or thinking for a nice gift to your loved ones with a specific profession, for me Isabel rag doll is one  nice and unique idea...hihi!

Note: I am not paid to advertise nor got these dolls for free... I just so love their items  plus I'm happy to purchase a product to a company with a great mission like them. :D

You can see samples of their occupational dolls here.

Nanays get challenged when they do different dolls ---> ANTHILL

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