Tuesday, July 17, 2012

reasons behind our Nautical/Chevron Theme for our wedding in Mex + mood board

Wedding in Mexico is unplanned....we just decided to have it mainly because Alan's Mom can't make it to our December wedding due to some health issues .... so as his Sister, his Sister's BF and  his Grandma since it will fall on Christmas Holidays and  they can't leave MIL celebrating Christmas alone...so there...

It's not planned so that means we don't have budget for this so as much as possible we wanted a super intimate Church wedding with Alan's immediate relatives only....

Budgeted?why with theme??

People say having a thematic wedding will just cost an arm and a leg but I believed it will always depends in the situation....:P In our case we just wanna have a theme to just have a simple touch of the things that we love or let us just say a touch of the things that are special to us..:D Thus, Nautical/Chevron inspired wedding was born. :D

There are 4 main reasons why.....see below~
  • We met on board a ship so initially we want it Nautical....but we added the Chevron touch so it will not looks like those normal nautical themed weddings....
  • Alan and I studied the same course in College....Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation.... Yes!My dream profession before is to be a Captain of a ship but since it's quite difficult for a woman like me to  pursue such kind of profession in that kind of field I am currently in the process of  being the Captain of my husband who will pursue my dream profession....LOL -kiddin there:P
  • Our first wedding was on board a passenger vessel (Caribbean Fantasy) where we used to work... It was officiated by a ship Captain....from there I guess it's one of the valid reason why Nautical is special to us...
  • Like other Marine Officers, Alan is also dreaming of wearing his Black Marine Officer's suit on his wedding day and since he can't wear it on our December wedding , he can finally wear it this time...A happy kid indeed! 
To give you an idea......lemme share you our Nautical/Chevron inspired mood board :)

pics used in the collage is from the web ;)

and this is our motif (deep ocean blue and vibrant yellow)

our motif :)

Don't you think it's a nice theme and motif combination?? Because for us it is! :D


  1. wow, this is really, really exciting! ang daming wedding ;-) Love the color and the theme!

    Spanish Pinay

  2. can't wait to see these ideas translated on your 2nd wedding! :)


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