Saturday, July 14, 2012

stories to blab after being MIA (preview) and Monogram studies for our wedding in Mexico

Hola friends !!!!

Talk about being MIA - I'm totally missing in action these past few weeks due to some problems I'm encountering in our Mexico's wedding preps..... I have lots of stories to blab but I just can't write them all in one seating so for the moment lemme just give you ideas what are those stuffs I'll soon post ...

Here they are:

My trip to Bicol with my HS friends
w@w tags
Chevron/nautical theme for Mexico's wedding
w@w EB #2
documents dilemma: hablo espanol???
First fitting with Jef albea for my gown in Mexico
My DIY cord for Mexico-Nautical inspired
Trip to Liliw, Laguna
My DIY bouquet #3
My rebellious outdoor boudoir shoot

I cant believed I filed them like that.....whew!

But for the meantime....can you please help us choose which monogram is the best we can use for our wedding in Mexico???
We will be having a simple church wedding in Alan's hometown in Mexico and we decided to have a Nautical/Chevron theme wedding.....and because I'm a fan of Sis Joy of Monogram hub I asked her  to create 3 monogram studies for our wedding in Mexico again  and yes, she never fails to amaze me of her craetions.....After receiving the studies she made for is really hard for me/us to decide which is which now please help us vote! hihi :P

Here you go! :)




what do you think folks???
which is which?? :D
My fave so far is monogram dos while Alan wants tres....and you? :P


Note: The date is still missing because for the moment we dunno yet if we can still have our wedding on August 4 or move it a lil bit later >_< 


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    1. thanks ate Joy!!! waaah I need to do some backreading na to catch up with your blog :) namiss ko na mga inspirational posts mo :)

  2. awww. magaganda lahat soul sis! hmmm.. 2nd monogram ang vote ko :)


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