Monday, July 23, 2012

Sneak peek of my rebellious outdoor boudoir shoot

Hola Folks!

Are you waiting for this already? haha

Well, It took me some time to get all the courage to share this outdoor boudoir experience of mine.
With my husband's permission I finally made it! *facepalm*

Doing it is one in my bucket list and I'm so glad I made it! Ever since I gained weight, I mean a little bit bigger than  the size I used to have 7 years back.... I've got these little insecurities that I really hate....but you know what? after this shoot I learned that we all have different shapes and sizes....chubby, skinny, voluptuous, short and tall.We just can't compare apples to oranges and  whatsoever your body is there is always a part/feature of you that is really beautiful, having confidence and believing into yourself  is what will make it more fantastic.

Boudoir is not about showing  flesh .. boudoir is about appreciating your own beauty and loving your self. It's  all about having fun, dressed up, letting your inner beauty stands out while forgetting all those insecurities you have...
It's not bad to feel sexy! It is fun!

Why outdoor?
I live in  a Province where you can find beautiful beaches... I'm a nature lover and I believe a boudoir shoot is more fun if I  will do it with a beautiful nature can appreciate the  beauty of it gives me the feeling of being free.... I don't know how to explain it.... but it's just give me peace...

So now, without further ado here's a peek of my outdoor boudoir.

Caution: For your eyes only!

please click the photos for better viewing..

Location: Baco Chico Islet #1, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
Photographer: Jayser Abilar
HMUA: Monchang Maras
Styling and props: DIY

PS. Can you believe it's his first time to shoot boudoir?Looks like taken by a Pro to me, I love it! :D

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