Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amante Fleurs: Wedding Florist/ Ceremony and Reception Stylist Booked!

Before I was thinking of not hiring a florist since I think I can do DIYs.  For me it's not really a must it's more of "wants" and since we are trying not to reach our budget I'm convincing myself  not to have one....Until a w@wie sis (April ni Manny) discovered (mader) Julius Villamante of Amante Fleurs  and from there I got tempted to inquire after reading a lot of emails from w@wies how they find his work excellent with a very affordable rates compare to other event stylist. So,I inquired and after talking to him and hearing his ideas about our theme...I was so tempted and thrilled... I consulted Alan asap about it. I'm so happy that Alan approved and we finally decided to have an appointment with him for booking and contract signing.

Together with BFF Charm and Troy we visited his shop in Kamias last Sunday, June 3.I'm trying to catch his mock up set up but we came a bit late...good thing he still have the set up right there.:D

We discussed first the theme and details and then we do the contract signing. He even let us have some snacks and drinks.Mader toured us around the shop and showed those things they normally use in styling....
I was so thrilled to see how our set up will gonna be...So we agreed to have mock up set up 1st week of July. He also promised me that he will send me pictures of a ceremony set up close to the set up he will create for us!  :)

Few days after he sent  it to me that made me so giddy and excited for our scheduled mock up set up.

Here's the set up he sent me.....

note: it's not exactly how our set up will gonna be but the idea is somehow close to this one.... :D

Just imagine first it's set in a beachfront where the white sand is with a Mexican touch! hahaha

I can imagine myself walking in that aisle :)

love this detail 

of course this one too!
Do you imagine it now?Well I'll let your imagination works first because I wanted to keep the surprise element! hahaha

Wait! before I park.... Do you know that Mader Julius got a lot awards in styling  in Dubai where he worked for 8 years? Yes, it's true...and this July he will compete again in Singapore and I hope he gets more award hahaha...I'm just so proud we are having a world class wedding supplier. :D

meet Mader Julius :D

Maybe Troy looks  so hungry and thirsty that's why he (mader) served us this :D
cassava cake and sprite

Wanna see his works? Please see here!


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