Thursday, June 7, 2012

My gown for our Mex's wedding by Jef is LOVE

Have I told you  that I almost call  our wedding off?
Yes you read it right.....It's because I'm too disappointed after knowing  that my in laws can't come and be with us on our Big Day...At first I don't know the main reason that led me to felt bad but when I finally got the chance to talk to my mother in law I accepted the reason instantly since it' s a  health related  and a totally acceptable reason at all...From there I let it go!

Before , Alan and I got an idea of... Why not get married in a church in Mexico (very simple) so we can just have a renewal of vows instead by the beach here in the Philippines? This thought excites us since it can make our dream of having a beach wedding come true.....

We are undecided about that idea but when in laws confirmed their absence in our wedding here we decide to pursue it and I'm happy they are all excited about it!...So yes, we will have a total of 3 weddings in span of 1 1/2 year, how cool is that?

Well since we can't afford two big weddings, we planned to have a super intimate wedding with maximum of 50 guests. We will invite  close relatives and friends only. We are still in search of suppliers but MIL promised me she will help with all those stuffs.Yey!

And because Mother in law can't come I asked Jef (our designer) if he can make my MIL's gown as my simple wedding dress in Mexico's wedding instead?  And I'm so happy that it's ok with him and even sketched a very nice gown for me.Well it's more simple than the one I'll use for our wedding here but gee I so love it too!!!! I just love Jef  more because of this......

Excited to see it!?

Check his sketch below! :)

click the photo for better viewing....

lovely isn't it? :D
he will make a birdcage veil for it too...

How do you like it?
Don't ask me cause I super love it! And guess what?
He is making it already and I can't wait to see the final output...:D

Spell HAPPINESS! ^_^

Have a happy day y'all! Until next update!


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