Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fadge Cravings-Cake Supplier: Booked

Sorry for a super late update! I dunno what happened to me and I can't move my ass off here...Grrrrr I hate myself for being lazy!
Well, finally our wedding cake supplier is booked. Last Saturday, April 28 after attending Bro. Leo's Diaconal Ordination and a short side trip in Batangas I went straight to Batangas City to meet Ate Mhadg of Fadge Cravings.It's really my intention to get a local cake supplier to save from out of town fee/delivery though Batangas City is still couple of towns away from Laiya, San Juan, Batangas... I guess P1000 cake delivery charge is not bad at all right? :P They are located in a subdivision that is new to me ( i studied in Batangas City during my college days but I never been there) so commuting is kind of hard to me, I lost and rode the wrong jeepney twice. I'm really not good in direction but I'm glad  though I came a bit late I was able to make it. I saw their shop was closed but good thing it's right where Ate Mhadg lives I tried pushing the door bell in front of the gate and there she is.:D Sigh of relief! hahaha.. I learned from her that they don't even got the chance to open that day because she is currently making some cake orders the she need to deliver the next day...
So how's the meeting?
At first Alan and I wanted to have a 3-layered all edible cake but after seeing my parent's wedding cake I said to myself I want ours to looks like close to that one instead. So when I saw a damask theme cupcake tower made by Fadge I told them about it and they said it's okay and we can discuss the details in our meeting. So there, I booked for a cupcake tower ( a cake on top the layer and 80 pieces of cupcakes to be place in the other 5 layers of the tower). The other reason why we chose it instead of the 3 layered edible cake is that we wanted to make sure everyone (guests) will be able eat and taste the cake/cupcakes  in the reception...We don't want to have leftovers because the next day after the wedding we will be surely busy to catch our flights going to a planned out of town Christmas celebration together with both families so I guess taking leftovers is not a good idea at having cupcakes is better. And besides I hate it when I'm attending a wedding and never got the chance to taste the wedding cake..Oh well, that's only my two cents as a wedding guests but I do respect those couples who bring their cakes at home after reception. :P
Well,well, well, too much habla! LOL 
Now to give you how our wedding cake/cupcake tower will looks like lemme show you our pegs..
Let's start here .....
This is how our cupcake tower will look like. I mean the size and the height.
It's the damask cupcakes I saw that made me go for a cupcake tower instead.
This is our first choice for the 3 layered all edible cake.

And since I can't let go of the beach-y details of this cake for this is really love..
Our cupcake tower will still have this details so imagine
the the damask cupcakes with this  details instead..
Don't you think it's lovely? :)
by the way this is my parent's wedding cake...
 I want  ours to looks close to it because
I wanted to put wedding wishes in each cupcakes
  like  what those golden ribbons have.
Though I never told Ate Madge about it yet cause
 i guess ribbons is  not so good  idea...
I'm still thinking  how can I incorporate it with our theme.

Can you imagine now how our tower will gonna be? Not yet? Ok, so here's more.....The color will be aqua blue instead of white and the details will follow our color palete. To have a Mexican touch I told Ate Mhadg that I will just order a Mexican inspired topper.We'll prolly choose a clay topper so we can keep it as a remembrance! :)
OOOOpppps before I park I forgot to tell you that Ate Mhadg got the chance to lemme taste their cake so I can choose which flavor we want to have...Alan and I really wanted to have their carrot cake but unfortunately She don't have a sample of their premium cakes for me to taste that day so I just choose between their 3 basic flavors, which is chocolate, mocha and vanilla. So, what would you expect?A chocolate addict here so obviously I chose the chocolate flavor. They all taste good though I just love how my palete enjoy the chocolatey taste.. :P

Here's the cakes Ate Mhadg took from some
 of her cake orders for me to taste it...Thank you! haha..

This raspberry juice really quenched my thirst! Thanks again LOL!
So there's my piece of cake! :D

PS. I booked and paid her the DP the same day.She promised me she'll send the contract soon since she never thought I will pay her that same day. :P
I missed the last trip of Supercat! waaaaah :/ no choice so I travel via RO-RO. :(
the first 4 photos i grabbed from Fadge Cravings site.


  1. the cake looks elegant... ^_^

  2. great that you have the cake booked! :) I love the cupcakes. I so want a cupcake stand :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  3. sis!!! i so love the damask cupcakes!!inggit inggit ako!!! wahh

  4. love the damask cake...thinking of having damask details for my wedding. Purple plus damask mukhang royalty na ba? hihi!

  5. Hi sis!

    Im from GT. Those cakes are gorgeous!

    Followed you through GFC.
    Pls follow mine, too!



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