Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Finally we see each other again.....

me and my long lost friend
Her name is Joa one of my BFF who's been MIA for few years now and finally back :D. I'm so glad we finally meet again after 4 years I guess...This friend of mine is one of those I cherished the most because of the friendship we built since we're still wearing that maroon colored skirt and white buttoned up white shirt elementary school uniform.
To give you an idea how close we are, lemme reveal some of our secrets. :P

1. She's my classmate from grade one until fourth year high school.
2. We are always seatmates if not it's only like one sit apart since our Surnames both starts with letter M.
3. She is the one who convinced my dad (when he is still alive) to let me enroll in a public high school where we graduated  because they believed being in the science class of that institution can provide a more quality education than those in private high school in town. I'm actually thankful for that. :D Dad made the right decision.
4.We live in the same dorm, we are even roommates and studied  in the same university in college.
5. We tried our first sip of booze together due to curiosity...There red horse beer really kicked us off.
6. Our reviewing time for major exams  is during wee hours.
7. Those times we are living in the same dorm we often take shower together naked...Yes! she can't hide nothing to me anymore  LOL.
8.Both of us worked in five star hotel way way back when we are freshly grad.
9. We are both seawoman and even have the same international cruise ship company before but then I transferred to another one.
10. If I'm married to a Mexican, Joa have her Jamaican boyfie.

Now tell me, do you think we are really that close? :P 

believe it or not, only us finished that JD bottle in only one sitting
Maybe that's the reason why we tried our first sip together, to prepare ourselves to get a certified LASHENGERA title...yay! Occasionally... :P

By the way I almost forgot to tell you that it's her 28 birthday and that's the main occasion plus a celebration of a reunited friendship that made it more a special.

I thought it's done..but after seeing and talking to her again...years without much FB wall post, unanswered reaching out pms couldn't break it ....We are maybe older now and even heading in different life's path but I'm still pretty sure that our friendship and heartbeats (to each other) are just like the same as those times when she and I  are just playing jack stones, UNO cards and chinese garter.
Belated happy birthday JOARRY...
Namiss kita!
Alam mo yan! :P

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  1. wow..from elementary to college???
    both of you are more like a soul sister twins..
    even love lifes...hahahah :D


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