Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rev. Leo Mar : Our wedding ceremony Priest

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Meet Rev. Leo Mar Arenillo! :D
So from that post in my outdated tumblr account  you'll know how me and Bro.Leo became close...and that's the reason why I want him to officiate our church wedding. If you read the whole post you can see that even in those days that Alan is not yet in my life and my love life is zero I already wished him to be the priest on my wedding day. :) 

Last Saturday I attended Bro. Leo's diaconal ordination in Lipa City. That only  means he's almost a fully pledged priest.Well, I mean 6 months more to go and  he can officiate our wedding already.Teehee! I am so happy for him! Finally after 12 years of studying he eventually reached his greatest dream.

Actually, priest is already included in what we will be paying in San Juan Nepomuceno Church but I believe that  our wedding ceremony will be more special if Leo Mar will be the one who'll officiate it so when He promised last Saturday that he'll save the date for me, I'm so happy hehe. Yey! So it' like 99 % sure that he will be there, one tick to our checklist!  :D

I have here some photos of his diaconal ordination, to give you an idea what's diaconal ordination is....

Leo is the one in the right side of the Bishop :)

First 7 photos are courtesy of Ciriaco Santiago III
Me and Rev. Leo :)
meet Father Brian (my crush Priest) :P

there we are :D
this is from Bro. Leo's cam 

So there it is......
After the event Leo gave us a short trip (pasyal)  around Lipa City and nearby towns...Hmmm but I guess that story deserves to be in a new post.... :D
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  1. i haven't witness a priest ordination...wish someday....

  2. twice na ako sis and nakakaiyak/nakaka goosebumps sya! :) maybe someday sis! :D

  3. 12 years?!!!ang tagal nun... X_X
    it takes patience and strong faith tlga...

    1. yes sis, 12 years! patience and strong faith talaga ang kelangan....niloloko nga namin kung di naba magbabago isip nya hehe...di na daw :D

  4. It's nice that's the priest that wil officiate your wedding is someone close to you! that will make it even more personal and solemn :)

    Crush pala ha... does your fiance read your blog? :-p

    Spanish Pinay

    1. i know sis! it would be more special because of that :)
      oo sis crush ko haha...muntik nang magselos nung una nyang makita ang pic....buti nalang pari! LOL


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