Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's more fun to be a bride if you're a member of W@W!

I always forgot to mention here that since we started our wedding preps for our December 23, 2012 wedding I've been a member of some really helpful wedding websites in the country. One of them is the famous.... Weddings at Work aka W@W.

I am a proud w@wie and been a member for more than half year now and I must say this group really helps me a lot with our preps, sometimes even in an out of wedding topics too...:D So for a bride to be and couple who just engaged it's the right place to be.... If only Alan can really understand Tagalog maybe I push him to sign up long time ago LOL!

Speaking of W@W, I've got the chance to attend  a W@W get together organized by an overseas w@w bride (sis Michelle).I can't explain how happy I am in finally meeting them and have a real picture of how they look like in real life and not only by their email address and w@w signatures. :D I promised myself before I'll make sure I'll steal a time to attend at least one EB and after that meet up, I want to attend more Ebs hahaha.

See below how many of us showed up in Cafe Mary Grace in Greenbelt 2..:D

note: w@w sissies and bros planned a surprise advance birthday party (with cake and balloons) to Mimma Benz.... I was surprised too when the waiters started singing Happy Birthday na....haha ( sorry naman po na-late kase akong dumating, di ako na orient plus katabi ko si Mam Benz ).:p

photo from Mimma Benz Rana :D
Here's the photos grabbed  from Sis April (ni Manny) Pulido.

See how w@w dami and w@w saya namin? :D 

And I was so lucky to received a gift token from Ms. Benz (birthday girl) that time...
A very useful and informative gift  I must say... Thank you again Mimma!

here's Mimma's gift to us :)

W@W wedding  primer, Bride's yellow pages and Ten ten te 10 coin 
It's so nice to be a w@wie! So for all the bride-to-be's out's not yet too late to join W@W!
Try it and you'll never regret!Promise!

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