Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY: customized wedding ring holder

I wanted to have some personal touch on our big day so I decided to do some DIY projects and since I don’t want to have a typical pillow to hold our wedding rings (I wanted something unique which will match our Mexican beach theme) so I decided to include this. I found a lot of materials that I can recycle and can be use here (come on we are earth/budget friendly) ;). I am so happy and excited to share it with you! :D

Materials I’ve used:

Old sewing box – I just found this clutter when I was cleaning our house, my lil bro used this before as his “teks” cards container :D
Styrofoam – I’ve got from my sister’s 18th birthday banner
2 bronze swan- an old house display
Silver/gray paint – I’ve bought for P50.00 in the nearest hardware
1 pack of sea shells- I’ve bought from Pandayan Bookstore P53.00
1 pack small pebbles- I’ve bought in Pandayan too P19.00
Old fabrics
Sand paper
Glue gun/3 glue stick- P3.00/stick
Clear glue- P25.00
Paint brush (small) P6.00
Cutter- P12.00
Kraft paper, ruler, scissors, board, Oslo paper –I gathered only from the house
Colored sand- left over from my DIY matches

Total cost: P174.00/ $3.87

How I made it:

  •           I asked our neighbor to cut the wooden sewing box for me. I cleaned it up and paint the outer part with a silver/gray paint and then make it dry, set aside.
i painted it with gray-ish /silver because we are having yellow gold rings.I don't want to have it the same color, it will be easier to see the rings with this color i guess :D
  •            Painted the 2 bronze swans with the grayish/silver paint too and let it dry.

  •        I cut the styrofoam into 3 different parts with the same width of the box to serve as filler. I covered it with old jeans (fabric) and set it aside.

  •          After drying the paint of the box I inserted my styro fillers inside the box.
there are different kinds of sea shells there in the bookstore, I just find it cuter :P
  •            Using glue gun I glued the sea shells all over the outer part of the box.
i love the texture :)
  •           I put some clear glue in the open spaces in between the shells and pour orange colored sand to have a more beach-y texture, set it aside while waiting to dry.
  •          While waiting I cut the scrap of woods to be use as sign and covered it with kraft paper.

I love this! I put the "I do" thing to support the swans from falling. (in case).
I just put "I DO" for a kulit factor hehe 
  •            I asked my neighbor to do the lettering for the signs because I doubt I have talent to do that. LOL!
  •           When the signs are already painted I inserted them in between the styrofoams, and I glued it in a fix position.
  •          I put an ample amount of glue on top of the styro foams and glued   the small pebbles all over, let it dry.
I put the small pebbles under the colored sand so in case the sand don't stick that much, it will retain it's beach-y feel.
  •        Put more clear glue on top of the pebbles and sprinkled blue colored sand.
for the meantime I used my wedding and e-ring here :D
  •           Finally I put the two swans facing each other and let their neck hold the rings.
i love the shadows 
and  the heart shaped formation of the swan's beaks <3
There you go! My very own version of wedding ring(s) holder :D I  just love the feeling when you accomplished something that is beautiful to your eyes!



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