Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our shotgun wedding like

Are you pregnant??!! Are you crazy???!! Here are some questions people asked me when they knew we are getting married that time....But of course I am not preggy nor crazy and no one is forced to do so...We just call it a shotgun wedding like cause like shotgun weddings it's just too soon than expected but nevertheless this is what we really wanted.
Days passed by like heaps and bounds and our love grow more and more. I thought I will be getting my sea legs but I was wrong. Every second feels like we are months and years together. Alan proved how he really loves me so much and I love him back. We eat, drink, sleep, party, watch movies (etc.) together. We even do each others laundry though there comes a time that Alan is the one who can do it more often because of the laundry’s conflict schedule with mine (thank you so much baby). After few weeks his brother (Marco) came onboard to work as a Chief mate that make me scared until I met him and knew how supportive and loving he is just like my Alan (oh well, what can I say they are family). And there you go, after a month Alan’s Mom and sister (Ana) went to Sto.Domingo, Dominican Republic where our ship usually docks to see and visit them before heading to their vacation in Punta Cana. A lot of thoughts came in my mind and of course I was like “Omgosh” what will I gonna do???LOL! I don’t expect I’ll be meeting almost the whole family too soon.yay! Butterflies in my stomach are gone when I finally meet them. They are so nice, Ana is so jolly and telling a lot of funny stories while Mama Chary was so sweet(she gave me flowers).I only met them twice, the second was after their Punta Cana getaway they went back to Sto. Domingo for our mini family day (yes, I’m a member of the family haha) we went to Faro a Colon, Acuario Santo Domingo and then to the Mall, a nice family bonding indeed.
Who would ever think that after officially being together and meeting his family we would reach to the point that we will tie the knot after two months? Oh well, Yes, you read it right we got married onboard in no uncertain terms. Alan actually don’t propose to me (I am still hoping he will this time, surprise me Mahal no! Haha) Alan just suddenly brought me to the Captain’s Office that Saturday afternoon (July 30, 2011) and he asked the Captain if he could marry us? and yes Captain was a bit surprised, though since he himself  was a witness how good our relationship as a couple was, after a while he said yes he could marry us but the next coming Saturday (they were talking in Spanish actually). So from then on we started the preps. It became the talk of the whole ship, some say it’s only rumor, some say it’s for real. Well, we confirmed it when we gave them our wedding invitations.
A week preparation? How is that? Haha….Well, we managed to do it though.First thing first, we called our  parents for their blessings and we are glad none of them disagree, I even asked my Mom to scan my birth certificate I left at home and she did it even before me and Alan told her about the wedding. We bought my wedding dress, shoes, bag and Alan’s pants/long sleeves in different boutiques in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Alan booked Adrian’s Tropical Restaurant in Dominican Republic for the reception. Wedding rings we’ve got from Gold City Jewelers in Puerto Rico. We did DIY invitations where I bought the materials in Wallmart. My bouquet was a pledged by a Dominican friend Jorge. We bought our wedding cake in the nearest bakeshop, I just asked them to put our names on it.  I reserved one junior suite for an overnight stay in Hotel Roma for our honeymoon: D what else? We do it in tandem and I guess, we did a good job.
Here comes the wedding day, August 06, 2011…the ceremony is scheduled at 6pm but like 3:30 pm the Captain informed Alan that he is afraid he can’t officiate the ceremony due to sudden major stuffs he needs to finish ASAP because the next day will be the change of the ship’s flag. Oh my!! This can't be happening….So Alan asked me if I can ask the Captain if he can just do the Marriage Contract and we will just sign it together because he is still on duty and so I did. And maybe because the Captain still feel for us after I begged him to do the contract, He said since everything is ready he told me he will just do the ceremony that very moment. Funny it is but yes we had our wedding ceremony without wearing our wedding clothes and our witnesses on their working uniforms LOL. Nevertheless we are still thankful; we are husband and wife, that’s what we really wanted. We just dressed up before heading to the reception (the guests thought we are wearing our wedding clothes in the ceremony anyway).In the reception, we are so happy because a lot of friends from the ship even from Dominican Republic came. We eat, we drink and we celebrate. We don’t end up our celebration in the restaurant, we just dropped by our hotel room to leave some stuffs and then we went and meet our guests in the nearest club to continue the party. After a couple of hours dancing we left the club and  our guests there to proceed to our honeymoon of course.haha…Words cant explain how happy we are that night I must say it is such  lovely day that we will surely remember forever.

The next day, after having our brunch, we attended the Sunday mass in the Cathedral nearby the Hotel. There we thank God for a great wedding we had and asked Him to bless and guide our marriage. Me and Alan offered my bridal bouquet to one Virgin Mary’s replica and promised that we will try our very best to have our Church wedding as soon as we can and now I guess we are getting there to grant that promise. December 23, 2012 it is.


  1. aww! that's crazy love! I love crazy love :) It'll be fun to see you two grow together as husband and wife and then some little mex pinays/pinoys! :-D Are you two going to live in Mexico after? (you don't need to answer if that's too personal, sorry I can't help not asking haha)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. yay!i just saw this! LOL I love your reaction sis! yes...crazy love indeed!Im excited to see ourselves together with out little Pinay Mex :) We decided to live in Mexico after the wedding sis.....don't worry about that, it's ok sis! I love to answer your Q :D


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