Thursday, February 16, 2012

16 things I want to do before our Church wedding

What is the significance of number 16?Well here’s the story…It is not our monthsary nor anniversary or even our birth dates, I am so surprised when I discovered recently that without really planning it, our Church wedding falls in 16 months and 16 days after our first wedding onboard. Cool! Isn’t it? :D
Because of that lovely discovery, I made a list of 16 things I want to do before our church wedding.

Here it is:
1.       Lose weight. ( at least 10 kilos)
2.       Have a small business in the Philippines while being a bum.
3.       Make DIY projects for our wedding to save and have my own labor of love.
4.       Save money.
5.       Donate blood.
6.       Go back to Mexico but in Sonora to see hubby’s hometown and meet the rest of his family before the wedding.
7.       Experience to join a marathon (for a cause).
8.       Explore Oriental Mindoro.
9.       Enroll in a formal Spanish Class.
10.   Study courses in crafting (clay art), baking and culinary (Mexican cuisine).
11.   Buy a second hand car.
12.   Enroll in a gym, yoga, zumba or belly dancing class.
13.    Get a PADI diving license.
14.   Study driving and biking.
15.   Go to Boracay with my family.
16.   Travel in any country within Asia.

There you go! I'm praying and hoping that I can tick them all. Wish me luck ;)


  1. I also have a list of things I wanna do, but it's before i turn 25. And of course, losing weight is also no. 1 in it. :)

    You guys can take up classes at Instituto Cervantes. :)

  2. Thanks sis Bee! of course we can do it! :) I am really planning to take up classes in IC since BFF enrolled there before but I 'm not sure if I have enough time...hopefully! :D


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