Thursday, February 23, 2012

Granny’s, Mom’s and My wedding....

Have you ever been curious about how does your parent’s or granny’s wedding looks like? I mean everything! What is the flow? How much is their budget? Who pay? Etc…. Because recently it pops in my head and got the chance to got some answers.
Last Sunday evening after attending the Holy Mass we came home without current in our street, and then we learned that there’s a big problem with the electrical post's transformer. It’s been a couple of hours and still no electricity. What will we gonna do? Too early to bed but no lights, no sounds, no internet! Everybody is in the living room, waiting…So this is it! I stole this chance to do a mini panel interview with my Mom and my Grandma (mom’s side who is living with us)... To make it easier for you to see the difference of each generation I put it on a table.
Here you go!

Answers: Granny’s

Wedding Information 

·         When is your Anniversary?
·        How old are you then?

01- 21- 1950

06- 02-1984

08- 6-2011 *
·         What’s the reason?

·         Are you happy?

·         Type of wedding?
·         How much you spent? Budget

·         Motif

·         Theme

They just feel it’s the time.
Of course



Preggy: D

Of course

P 25,000


We just feel it too.



Tangerine Tango
Mexican Beach


·         Where is your reception?

·         Who paid the food or who is your caterer?

·          Do you have photo/video?
·         Who made your gown?

·         Do you have wedding cake?

·         Do you have lights and sounds?

·         What is your bouquet?

·         Do you have HMUA?

·         Do you have bridal car? What kind?

·         What kind of wedding ring you have?

·         How many Principal Sponsors you have?

·         How many guests you have?

·         Do you have invitations?

·         Do you have wedding favors?

·         Do you have honeymoon? Where


 Lolo’s side

Local designer



Azucena (given to me)
Yes, friend

Yes, pledged
White van
Plain gold rings

1 pair

All relatives

None/via mouth


No, house only
 Function Hall
Dad’s side

Photo only
Local designer

Yes, pledged



Yes, pledged
Red car
Gold rings w/diamonds

2 pairs

All relatives



No, house only
  Beach Resort


(on search)

(on search)


(on search)

(on search)

(on search)

Gold ring w/diamonds

No final count yet
150 +/-



Yes,undecided yet

Based on our First/Civil Wedding  *


My Grandpa died in 1988, 
only then he and Lola sepearated.

Same with my Mom and Dad, 
Daddy died in 1999
 and that's the time they have been apart.

The electricity finally came back like an hour after my interview with them. I enjoyed asking my Mom and my Grandma about their wedding.I must say it's a nice way to get to know them more! I was interviewing them in front of my sibs,and we are all curious of  what will be their answers in each question.I was surprised  when I knew that my Mom don't have any idea how her parents wedding details was, until I've asked Grandma.She said she never ask ever since, so it's sort of a discovery for her too :D I will visit my other grandma (dad's side) soon and will try to ask hers too! :D 
After comparing all the differences of each generation, I just realized how much it changed. It’s nice to know that no matter how simple their wedding was  most of them really  last long,despite the fact that most of them tied the knot at very young age. Unfortunately nowadays there are more numbers of separated/divorced/annulled couples. Funny it is cause some of them even spent thousands or millions of money just to have an extravagant wedding but ended up to a failed marriage. Don't get me wrong, now at HD age i love the idea of having those adds on from traditional/simple wedding i.e. motif,theme,favors,prenup/postnup ,wedding coordinator,photobooth, fireworks,etc. that makes it more fun and cool to celebrate a wedding and I am not saying that it is not possible for today’s couple to last forever, it is just maybe because of the population, the latest trends, more liberated world, media  and forgotten tradition really affects marriage now. I still believed in love and I hope and praying that the Lord God will guide me and Alan to make ours to last for a lifetime no matter how much trials facing ahead of us.Wedding is just the tip of the iceberg of our our marriage, we just have to realize that it's not about who made your gown, how tall is your cake, how big is the diamond in your ring, or how popular your suppliers are, it is all about how you are happy and thankful for each day waking up in the morning, and the first person you see and brightens up your day is the one you love. 

PS. If you have time try to ask your mom or grannies too. It's cool! :D

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