Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap day update....

And so it's leap day and I don't have much accomplishment  except for my 3rd day of work out in the gym resulting to a severe body ache...I just wanna share an update regarding our DIY pocket planner.Come on the next leap day will  happen after 4 years again so  why not post anything...LOL..
Alan and I decided to change our planner cover cause we noticed that the first one we chose is kind of boring, I mean too simple....So we came up to this!

for the men's planner cover

It's Alan's choice and I really love the gentleman-like feel of this. Good job Mahal!

for the women's planner cover

Alan asked me to choose between a stiletto or  a dress for the cover and yes I chose  the shoes :D 

There you go! At the moment we set this DIY project aside for awhile, since i still can't find the perfect materials to use... I found where to buy the kraft paper already but the eyelets and eyelet setter are giving me hard time....I don't know where are they hidden...Whew! I am now looking for an alternative... I'm excited to see the finish product. :D

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