Friday, March 2, 2012

First day surprises :D

I was so thankful,  first day of the year really started with such a blessing. God gave me another year  with a lovable partner to start my new year with love. Alan is the best gift I've ever had (of course after my family).

And you know what? even  2012 Feng shui's forecast said that I will have a blessed and fruitful year...yey!! I hope it will happen...:D

First day of February we got an early wedding gift from She and Him Photography we are one of  the 10 lucky couples who won a freenup shoot as a gift as they celebrate their 1st year Anniversary.Now we are scheduled on November 18, 2012 for our "Mexican Beach Pin up Boudoir "shoot, yes we feel like projecting a sexy pose...haha...goodluck to us!!Special thanks to Sheena and Richard for giving us the opportunity to experience such an exciting shoot. I can't wait for November anymore. :D

Yesterday 1st day of March and I was surprised again by a fellow 2012 bride with a lovely monogram gift,  that she especially made  for us. See below.

i heart it!

I would like to thank sis Di Anne Sarte for this lovely monogram! Me and Alan love it so much! :)

Every time  we open our eyes in the morning is a blessing! It's just up to us on how to make it extra especial, so why don't we greet each day with a simple "thank you" and a smile while looking forward for a nice day ahead?!
Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

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