Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinoystitions: Believe it or not?

I consulted a dermatologist year 2004 for a mole removal. Yes, you read it right! I asked a derma to remove my mole. Actually it’s my grandma’s idea (dad’s side), and she even paid for it. Why? It is not that it’s really in a cancerous stage but because the mole I have is under my eyes ( on the left side of my nose to be exact)right where the tears fall and granny don’t want me to get widowed over and over again like what superstitions says. I actually planned to removed both moles since I’m already there anyway  ( I have two big moles in my face) but the Derma only removed one and let the mole  on my right cheek  stays. It is not that she can’t remove both but she just leaves that one because a superstition says a person with a mole on his/her face will be successful in business.
Funny it may seem but we Filipinos really grew up and believes in superstitious beliefs, it doesn’t matter if you are from the Metro or Provinces.
 Countless of them I must say, they have a lot to say weather  it’s about  pregnancy and childbirth, infants and children, love and marriage, money and wealth, food and dining ,house and home, illness and death, colors and numbers, animals, tell tail signs, bad luck and good luck, etc.
Have you ever realized how much our life is governed by the power of these unwritten laws?
I remember when I was a kid when my milk tooth fell out, I threw it up unto our kitchen’s roof because they said the rats will find it and when my new tooth grows in, it will be as strong and as powerful as a rat’s tooth. Duh?!! Tell me why my teeth now have jackets LOL.
Few months ago I saw myself thinking about “SUKOB” when Alan told me about her half sister’s planned wedding on October that he just learned. Our wedding will going to be in the same year  and again superstitions says it’s bad luck for two siblings to marry in the same year. How bad is that? Oh well, because Alan is Mexican and they don’t have such beliefs plus we are married onboard a ship already (civilly), we just ignored it and just focused in our wedding preps.
Superstitions sometimes may leave us in total bewilderment but if it will only lead us to a better appreciation of Filipino mystique then re-reading these folk beliefs would have served a purpose.
Since I am getting married soon and I know my  fellow brides-to-be are also curious about what superstitions says in love and marriage, I selected 20 superstitious beliefs  that is popular, appealing and unique basing on personal choice.
1.    Sweethearts should not exchange pointed or sharp objects as gifts, for this will lead to a broken engagement.-que??
2.    The bride and groom-to-be must avoid travelling before their wedding day to avoid accident. -we have destination wedding,how about that?
3.    The bride-to-be shouldn’t try on her wedding dress before the day of the wedding, or the wedding will not take place.

complicated I must say!

4.    The groom must arrive in the church before the bride to prevent bad luck.-you better Boo. :P
5.    Dropping the wedding ring, or the couple’s veil, or arrhae during the wedding ceremony, spells unhappiness for the couple.-Secondary sponsors beware!
6.    The groom who sits down ahead of his bride during the wedding ceremony will be a henpecked husband.-Awwww under the saya ? will I let Alan sit first?....hmmmm lemme think about it hihi
7.    If it showers during the wedding, it means prosperity and happiness for the couple.-no! por favor! we are having the party under the sky >.<
8.    During the wedding ceremony a bride must step on her husband’s foot so that both of them will agree on things that they will undertake, and so that her husband will not be cruel to her.-AHA!
9.    Whoever the couple stands first after the ceremony, will die ahead of the other.-Wanna stand first.
10.  It is a bad omen for the newlyweds when their parents cry at their wedding.-Mother!remember this....^_^
11.  A bride who cries during the wedding ceremony brings bad luck.- I will try not to..
12.  Throwing rice at the newlyweds will bring them prosperity all their life.-for sure :D isang sako kaya?haha
13.  Breaking something during the wedding reception brings good luck to the newlyweds.-how about 10 trays of egg? LOL
14.  Upon entering their new home, both bride and groom should go up the stairs side-by-side so that neither of them will be superior to the other.-i hope i'm slim then! (goodluck)
15.  It is bad luck for two siblings to marry within the same year aka Sukob. A remedy for this is to have the sibling who marries later in the year pass the backstairs of the church on the day of the wedding.-Ooops have remedy naman pala ;D
16.  Removing plates from the table while an unmarried woman is still eating will keep her single all her life.-yes! because overweight....too much eating!
17.  An unwed girl who follows the footprints of a newlywed couple will marry soon.

like this?

18.  A married woman who wears a pearl ring will cause her husband to commit adultery.-good thing I don't have one.
19.  A person who habitually sits in the head of the table during meals will never marry.-our dining table is round haha.
20.  If you want to see before hand what your lifetime partner will look like, wake up at midnight and look at yourself in the mirror while holding a lighted candle. At first, the image in the mirror will appear to be skeleton; after five minutes you will see the full view of the person you will marry.-freaky!!Nunca!

There you go! Weather these superstitions charm or amuse or seem unbelievable today, which among us has the audacity to trifle with luck and taunt fate itself?
Chuckle if you must… but hey! don’t say I didn’t warn you if you fail to heed their advice! : P

PS. Alan’s half sister’s wedding was postponed recently for the reason I don’t bother to ask. But the good thing is that I will not think nor worry about Sukob anymore, weather its true or not!

Note: Pinoystitions is my own term for Pinoys superstitions, I don’t know if there's such word. After each superstitions I have my thoughts written -again, just my thoughts.

Source: Don’t take a bath on a Friday by Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz

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