Sunday, March 18, 2012

When Dad and Mom said "I DO"

Talking about weddings! Of course you will not skip asking your own parents how their wedding was, right? But lucky are some who could see exactly how it looks like, so I must say, lucky me! :D

 I was de-cluttering when I saw my parent's wedding album so I took fokasie (my camera) to take some peek of their BIG day for me to share..I just found it interesting since traditional wedding is started to fade nowadays.

Using the photos let's see how it goes.

It's the Album cover. Old it is! What I love here  is my Mom and Dad's name; perfectly matched.

They actually used their nicknames but I find it cool...Lito & Lita (Anacleto &Nelita). This makes me think something like that too, hmmm..... How about Alan & Alen (Alan Hafid & Ma. Anna Lyne) ??? Haha copycat me!I found something similar with ours by the way: their Reception!It is in a Beach Resort too (but not an outside event) ^_^.

Inside the album they have the invitation attached
Mom told me they ordered like 20 pieces of the invitation worth P75 pesos each, only for the VIP guests and the rest were been invited through the word of mouth.

inside look

I love it!

This too!

They kept the wedding greeting cards/tags from their wedding gifts too in thealbum.They occupied like  4 leaves of it.

Glad to know they have prep pictures but they only focused on the bride's.

That's my Mom's HMUA :D

And there's GrandMa...


Mom with Lolo
The car they've used was borrowed from Daddy's cousin (Tita Medy). 

Groom and Company's march.

Bride's turn. Finally Mom you smiled! LOL

why are they going up?
Mom told me that wedding before have classes. In their wedding, they paid for a first class wedding.What's the difference except for the payment?Well, according to her if you are having first class wedding you'll be seated on the upper part of the altar.In the picture above they are heading to their seats before they finally start the ceremony.

Dad putting on my Mom's ring.

Wait! what's those scars on Dad's hand all about? 
Picture above is an upclose picture of Dad's hand with fresh scars. Want to know the story? Well, my parent's wedding is a sort of shutgun wedding  because Mom got that bump in her tummy (that's me!) hehe... Dad actually did not mention that case to his parents, instead he just asked my Lolo and Lola if he could marry my Mom. He was 20 years old then and youngest of all 10 so you would expect the answer was NO! It's not because they're against my Mom but they believed He is still young for marriage. Dad don't accept NO for an answer so to get what he wants He punched their cemented wall. Those scars (wounds) was the key!LOL

and there's Mom saying her piece.

To light their path.

To clothe them as one.

To bind them together.

I took this photo for a closer view of their cord that we'll be using too. Nice! :D
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen never exist in their wedding party. They have only 2 pairs of Principal Sponsors.

Their wedding cake.
This cake was a pledged by Dad's sister and Brother in law (Tita Mila and Tito Rey). Before, I thought the cupcake thingy style in the cake cutting was new until I saw Mom and Dad's cake. Yes it's composed of 2 small tier cake and some mini cupcakes with icing, designed with those golden yellow ribbons that made it looks like mini baskets. It  may seem simple but what I love about this is the story behind those ribbons. Mom told me each ribbon have a hidden wedding wish for the couple and as the guest finished eating their cake/cupcake they will tell/share those wishes to them. This fact made me confused if I should go for the 3 tier edible cake (we planned to have) or get the one with cupcakes and put hidden wishes too (inggitera lang) LOL.

It's not complete without doves. :D

The "Dapit".

Dad brought Mom to their house and ate something sticky before entering  (a tradition).

They said a newly wed should eat something sticky on their Big Day to make them stick together as one. That's why in traditional wedding they have lots of sticky foodie being prepared like "suman" (rice cake) and "kalamay". They normally sell it to the guests and the proceeds will be a help to the couple to start their own family.The selling part of the tradition is called Sabangan normally taken place in the middle of the program during reception. Mom and Dad have it too and the "money dance" tradition a day before the wedding. You can still encounter these kinds of tradition in Mindoro and Batangas.

My parents spent more or less than P25,000.00.

Reception/Venue: Pledged by one of the Principal Sponsor.
Food: Provided by Dad's Family.
Wedding Gown: P1,000 plus
Photographer: P3,000
Bouquet: Just bought from the nearest flower shop.
Bridal car : borrowed/pledged
Wedding Rings : P5,000
Entourage Dresses/Suits: Provided their own except the dresses of the MOH and FG
Wedding Cake: Pledged
HMUA: P500
Invitations: P1,500 

A successful marriage is not measured on how simple or  luxurious your wedding was, it's on how you keep on falling in love in the same person all over again no matter how faded your wedding pictures are.
My Dad died 13 years ago, holding my Mom's hand. It don't stop there cause I believe Love is eternal!


  1. Omg i got goosebumps when you said your dad died holding your mom's hand :'( too sweet!!!

  2. thank you so much sis for sharing . ang sweet

  3. What a nice love story of your parents Anna :) Yeah, it's not how grand or simple the wedding is, what matters most is their love for each other :)

  4. Your parents story is very touching! Thank you for sharing sis :)

  5. Thanks Mags!I'm a big fan of heir love story too :D yes sis love is what really matters! :)


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