Thursday, March 22, 2012

9 months to go : Timeline check

Omgosh!Time passes like heaps and bounds.... I can't believe it's down to 9 months already! I know we are still in the tip of the iceberg but I am just loving the preps to bits!

Alright! let's see how's the timeline so far......

December 2011:
·         research
·         determine budget
·         choose date
·         compose a guest list
January 2012 :
·         select people to complete entourage
·         book church
·         church and venue ocular
·         book venue
·         book caterer
·         book Photographer
·         book Videographer
·         book Coordinator
·         choose and order official monogram/logo
·         choose and order Save the date
·         obtain floral and music estimates
·         search for gown designer
·         search for entourage dresses/vest designer
·         search for florist/gown designer
·         search for HMUA
·         search for cake supplier
·         search for photobooth supplier
·         search for fireworks/sky lantern supplier
·         search for lights and sounds supplier
·         search for band
·         search for host
·         pick honeymoon destination (choices)
·         DIY planner (favor) layout
·         start diet (losing weight)
·         enroll in the gym
·         inform members of the entourage
·         send WYB cards
·         look for guest favors
·         look for PS favors
·         DIY STD card/magnet
·         DIY ring holder
·         Ask painter to do the pens (favor) calligraphy
·         Re-new the wedding cord’s detail (something old)
·         Ask jewelry shop to resize e-ring and wedding ring
·         DIY planner mass production
·         DIY front of misallete
·         Send outs save the date for overseas guests
·         Ask Alan to buy the Mexican Arrhae
·         Order for corsage/buttonieres for entourage
·         order invitations
·         order personal stationery and thank you notes
·         book florist
·         Go to Mexican Embassy for visa requirements (inquiry)
·         Plan reception
·         Do seat plan
·         DIY decors
·         Search for guest transportation
·         Book bridal car
·         Book designer
·         Gown first fitting
·         Book flight for Xmas Bohol family trip
·         Solo boudoir shoot
·         Process Mexican visa
·         Search for guest transportation
·         Book bridal car
·         pay 75% of reception/caterer
·         book ento designer
·         entou fittings
·         buy neckties and bow ties
·         book granny’s designer/buy their dresses
·         distribution of STD
·         Plan reception
·         Make final layout for invitation
·         Finalize guest list
·         Have a list of latin songs for reception
·         Make a program for reception
·         Make OTD time line (groom and bride)
·         Make prenup board
·         Make couple boudoir board
·         Make a list of props for shoot
·         Order or DIY entou fascinator
·         DIY FG baskets
·         Update Chichi about the corsage, buttonieres and invitations
·         DIY Thank you cards
·         DIY table names
·         DIY misalette cover
·         DIY couple chair sign
·         DIY bible holder/matches
·         Complete Church requirements
·         Check all services
·         Select gifts for PS Sponsor/order
·         Prenup settings finalize
·         Start beauty treatments/sessions
·         Book hotel for Bohol trip
·         Book honeymoon
·         Apply for visa
·         Mail invitations (overseas)
·         Make Bohol Itinerary
·         Make honeymoon itinerary
·         Check with Bro Leo if He could officiate the ceremony
·         Buy wedding accessories
·         Buy Groom’s suit
·         Finish all un-accomplish stuffs from previous months
·         DIY prenup shoot (Mexico)
·         Hoard Mexican decors
·         Buy Mexican candies
·         Ask Joed if can be the host
·         Remind Chichi about the invitations
·         Buy shoes (Groom and Bride)
·         Buy parasols
·         Visit Ariane (HMUA) for trial make up
·         Prenup/concept shoot (TL&SWF)
·         Couple Mexican Pin up Boudoir shoot (She&Him)
·         Food tasting/ocular with AEM
·         Tour Alan/bring him in Divisoria (he wanna go :D)
·         Christmas shopping (gifts)
·         Meeting with all suppliers
·         Finalize and book guests transpo
·         Visit all the PS and personally give the invitations (PH base)
·         Check entou HMUA if available
·         Accompany Alan for the interview (for Clearance)
·         Go with Alan for his requirements (Mexican Embassy)
·         Go to Civil Registry in case we don’t got the chance to validate our first wedding
·         Meeting with Argie (taramindu) for detailing (reception)
·         Pay all balances
·         Send all invitations
·         Visit Leo
·         2nd gown fitting
·         Check all ento dresses if all done
·         Attend Seminars (Pre Cana, etc.)
·         Visit Daddy
·         Ask Alan to DIY the wedding pinata
·         Check if all church requirements are all done
·         Check floating lantern supplier
·         Check fireworks supplier
·         Meet church’s choir for song choices (ceremony)
·         Wrap gifts
·         Buy party poppers
December: (First 2 weeks)
·         Organize Stag/bridal Party
·         Final check for bridal party clothing
·         Final check for grannies clothing
·         Arrange for Name and address change
·         Go over final details of ceremony and reception with all parties involve
·         Remind wedding party and guests of exact time and pick up/meeting place
·         Start packing for vacay/Xmas in Bohol
·         Check with Argie (Taramindu) for last minute changes
·         Fetch in-Laws (arrival)
·         Pick up Wedding Gown
·         Send out all entou clothing
·         Draft wedding vows
·         First Dance practice
·         Draft thank you speech
·         Finalize program flow offertories
·         Print misalettes (let the church check it first before mass production)
Day before the wedding
·         Relax
·         Have body massage, mani and pedi
·         pre-wedding dinner with family (both sides)
·         Check wedding dress (pressing/steaming)
·         Check the flowers
·         Remind all the suppliers
·         Beauty rest
Wedding Day
·         Eat
·         Hair and Make up/preps
·         Photo shoot
·         Check your OTD timeline
·         Breath and enjoy your day!
·         Smile at your best and let God take care of the rest!

Whew! kinda long huh? It doesn't matter we will finish it together... :D
Yeah  it's 9 months to go and Alan I'm missing you MUCHO! :(

Don't you think it's obvious Mahal? :D
I told you!I'll die without you in my life... ^_^  yiiih cheesy! 
Let go and let GOD! 


  1. Hi sis, I learned alot from your wedsite! :) Happy preps! :)

  2. Nice to know that Suki. :D thank you ^_^

  3. huwaw.this is so detailed. my wedding will be on December too. i'll be visiting your blog often.


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