Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY: 2013 planner as wedding favor (Mock-up)

Hey! It’s been a while when we set our DIY planner layout aside due to lack of materials (I dunno where to get them) so I ended up looking for some alternatives that is available here in my hometown where I am currently staying.
I bought cute floral pens as additional favor for our wedding last January, we dunno exactly what else we’ll be giving except to the fact that Alan and I want it to be useful, we wanna skip the traditional display favors. When I’ve got the pens we instantly got the idea of “why not pair it with a stationery/paper thingy?” At first I thought of having a customized post-it or note pad but after canvassing how much it will cost us, I guess that’s not a good idea…  It’s kind of pricey. The planner idea came to our mind because of the one I am using, I’ve been using a Papemelroti pocket planner for a long time now because it’s so handy so we realized planner will be a nice favor since our wedding is scheduled before the year ends….I went to Papemelroti to inquire for a customized planner but unfortunately they cant make it for us not unless we’ll order a minimum of 3000 pieces times the normal price then less 20% (discount for bulk orders). Aaaaaww! Can you tell me to whom am I going to give the 3000 planners? When we are expecting a maximum of 150 guests? Duh! I don’t even have a plan of running for election. LOL so there you go! Why not make it as one of our DIY projects?
Alan made the layout with our mixed ideas…..Now it’s my turn for execution...

Come on, see it here!!

Materials I’ve used for this project:

Colored jute string
Glue/glue gun
Bulldog clips/paper clips

I hoarded a lot of them to support my 100 pieces target. :D

Layout printed in kraft paper

I found an assistant :D ( Meg, my niece)

kulit kulit :P

How I made it:

For the meantime I used cutter but for mass production I will use paper cutter.
I cut the printed layout using cutter and ruler.

Using the bulldog clips/paper clips I clip all the pages together.

I put two holes on the upper part of the pages using the puncher.

With the holes I stitched the colored jute strings on it to serve as binder.

After stitching I end it up with a knot.

I put couple of shells on the part where the hole is to hide the hole at the same time to put a beach-y feel (to match somehow with our theme).

It is actually easy but since we will produce like a hundred of it I might not do it one time. I guess 8-10 pieces a day will do to avoid too much pressure. Nine months to go so we still have more time for production.
Voila!  Our very own version of 2013 planner as our wedding favors. :D I hope you liked it!

I am still thinking of what to use as case/envelop of the planner, hope I'll find it out soon.
By the way, I would like to give credits to our inspiration. Muchisimo gracias!

Ooops I guess I deserve a reward! :D yeah cheat day!


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