Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A short beach trip...

After an hour and a half work out from the gym me and my lil sister decided to go to the nearest beach to let my niece experience swimming there for the first time (she only tried it in pools). After having coffee and breakfast we left the house like 8-ish, good thing Mr.Sun is not up yet.

What I love about my hometown is that whenever you feel like having a beach trip it's only a tricycle ride (P10 per head fare) and ta da! you are already in a beach...Well of course I am talking about the normal black sand beach that we normally have but if you what it in a level up one like Puerto Galera 1 1/2 hour ride is not bad at all for a white sand beach..

And so we went to Tree house beach, with the view of that 3 islets and calm sea.Lemme narrate using the pictures I've taken.

Here's the beach front

Yes we only paid the entrance fee (P4.00 for me and my sister)

With fokasie (my camera), tripod, sunblock, shades and sarong we are good to go!

and by the way we are with Dora too :) my niece's floating gear hehe

There's Ray ann (my sis) with Meg (my niece).

Thanks to my tripod we'll able to capture a pic together.

By the way bringing her for swimming in the beach is a failure :( Meg said it's cold only my dipping her toes....(I guess she is just scared).

But wait, yes maybe she is actually hungry.*sigh*

Why not a solo pic? :D

I feel bad for buying all those shells I used in my DIY projects from the bookstore when I found it just in front of me.

I see shells down by the sea shore...(tongue twister?) LOL
So I hoarded a lot of them....come on it's free :)

Thank's for the plastic cup,finally meg enjoyed the beach. 

See that?? I wish I'm still a kid too...

So that's her version of sand castle??

I'm so love those shells....hihi

Of course I wanna enjoy the beach.

And dipped myself in the warm water.priceless!

And since Meg don't got the chance to use Dora, I took her for company. :P

Hmmm I guess she loves my shades!

Look at that!

I could tell it's not really yours.....

Star? so cute...

Sun is up! packed up...

Until next time...
It's 9-ish when we left the place. A pretty sweet beach trip...Short period but I love it! Thanks God I am from Calapan City, and we have beaches. Some people spend thousand bucks just to reach one! 

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