Saturday, March 24, 2012

My DIY bridal bouquet using annatto flower buds

Do you want a unique bridal bouquet? Because I do!
I've got the idea of having a bridal bouquet made of atsuete flower buds way back November 2010 when me and my cousin Karla went to their farm for our mini farm photoshoot.That was the time she was trying to practice portraiture, so I acted as her model. They've got a lot of atsuete trees with  bountiful blooms that time so I took some flower buds for props. And I must say that atsuete flower is an effective one. :D So I told myself when I get married and it's possible to use it as my bouquet. I will !

Here are some of her shots that inspires me :

Today, Mom went with my Aunt (her sister) to visit their farm because they are currently harvesting. I was cooking lunch when I remember the DIY atsuete (annatto) bouquet I was planning before , so I sent her sms asking her to bring me some atsuete flower buds. Mom came home late, like 7-ish already but I am glad she got me some of those cute reddish thing I’ve asked her to bring. I am really eager to do the DIY right then while the buds are still fresh, so I dragged my sister with me to buy two stems of white mums to add in the bouquet. Good thing the flower shop in front of the Church is still open (actually it’s about to close). As soon as we reached our house I saw myself started grabbing all materials I can use and started doing the bouquet excitedly.

My DIY atsuete flower buds bridal bouquet

Here are the materials I’ve used:
Atsuete flower buds
Plastic straw
Glue gun
2 stems of white mums
Colored Jute string
Some succulent plant 

Total cost: P50.00 all materials Ive got for free except for the mums that cost me P25 per stem.

I let my sister hold it for me.

How I do it:

While watching MMK (LOL) I am also busy trying to create a simple bouquet out of it. I inserted the white  mums in the middle of the atsuete flower buds. I put enough amount of the buds around the mums and tied it  with plastic straw. I wrapped the stem with sinamay and put some shells just to put a little beach-y feel on it (since we are having Mexican Beach Theme).

I glued some shells just to put something beach-y.

Of course a bouquet is not complete without a partner. So I also made a simple but cute boutonniere for the groom. I took a succulent plant and 3 pieces (in a branch) of the atsuete buds, tied it together, wrapped the end with some sinamay and put some little shells and I’m done.

This boutonniere made me think of Rambutan fruit. hehe

Hey! For me it's cute

To be honest, I am still undecided if we will get a florist or not for our wedding. I am having hard time finding the right florist for us. It’s either the one we like is already booked or it’s too pricey. I don’t wanna splurge too much in flowers since we’ll be using it only for a day and it’s not edible (LOL). I am still waiting for some quotations from my newly discovered florists so I’m  not sure yet if I will pursue this DIY atsuete bouquet  but I am not closing the idea of having it since I found this one very affordable and unique.

Note: This DIY is just a prototype, tangerine tango is our main color motif so in case i'll be having atsuete bouquet I will used orange flowers or some fillers that can match with our motif and theme.


  1. pretty :-) and unique :-) mukhang strawberry with cream on top :-)

    1. Thanks Peachy.....oo nga! mukhang strawberry with cream nga!diko naisip yun...hehe :D

  2. Hi Sis anna! ang tiyaga mo grabe, so unique ang ganda :D at ganyan pala ang itsura ng atsuete hindi ko alam haha. Mag DIY din ako pero boutonnieres lang, pero bouquet di ko na keri!:D

  3. Hi sis Mags! Thank you :) oo sis ganyan itsura ng atsuete hehe.....Kering keri mo rin sis, I'm sure! Try mo rin :) wait ko mga DIY mo :)

  4. omg sis! super beautiful! kinabog mo daw ang crystal bouquet ko!!! weeeh!!! i love it!!!

  5. thank you sis! naku hindi naman sis, pretty and kakaiba din yung crystal bouquet mo....hihi


  6. Hello Anna, where did you get the Achiote flowers?


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