Monday, March 19, 2012

My Pinoy-Mexican munchies

Hey folks! Summer is officially ON here in the Philippines and that also means it's the season of "singkamas" (yambean) already. I'm currently on a diet now and since the hot weather requires a refreshing snacks, I  have singkamas to deal with it. This time I am enjoying it in a Mexican way.

Yes! with a mexican twist because I'm munching it with  tajin. This is a Mexican seasoning made of powdered chili peppers,salt and dehydrated lime juice. Alan introduced it to me when we are still onboard the ship. I normally match it with green mangoes or as a substitute for the salt of my frozen margarita. :D This tajin I am actually using now is the one I have there (yes, i brought it home LOL), one of our Mexican friend gave it to me since I'm addicted to it since the first time this thing landed on  my palate.
This refreshing snacks is such a hit!Me, lil bro and Mom are always gobbling while watching TV.

Oh well, only I can say is Que rico! :D

PS. Singkamas (yambean) is known as jicama in Mexico.

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