Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY: Flower girl's headband

Hello everyone!
I can’t believe I will be able to create a very simple but cute headband (prototype) for our flower girls! Actually making one is not in my plan just yet but when I find it so difficult to find good and right materials for my DIY garter….I ended up looking for materials for the headband since I already bought the garter. Amazingly my Mom’s rank as “Best in dressmaking” in her high school years helped me a lot in this project ( I must say it’s her DIY project cause I’m not really good in sewing. :P).
So here’s how we made it!


Garter with the length that will fits the flower girl’s head
Colored feathers
Fabric from old clothes (same length of the ribbon)
Sewing machine or sewing kit (if you’ll do it by hands)
Shells (I planned to use it but for the kiddo’s safety my Mom told me not to)

Total cost: P37.00 

How to:
that's my Mom's lovely hand. ;) she used granny's old sewing machine btw.
Using sewing machine sew both sides of the ribbon to the fabric.

Pin the safety pin to the end of the garter to help guide it through the ribbon and fabric like this.

Sew the feathers on top of the fabric that will serve as the top part of the headband. Put enough amount to cover the fabric.

top of the ribbon after sewing
hidden part

Sew both ends individually before sewing them together.
After you sew both ends cut the excess of the feathers. I just based on the width of the garter.
Sit back and admire your creation.

Meg, my niece (model) with Mommy. Yes she love it!
And make sure you try it to your model.

There you go! A cutesy DIY headband for our girls. :D
Try to make one too :D

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