Monday, March 26, 2012

Mood Board : Mexican Beach Theme

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Last week I shoot monogram hub an email for our monogram order. I'm quite excited how Sis Joy will mix and match the ideas in our mind for our Mexican Beach Theme. She is actually apologetic (side kwento) informing me that she might deliver it late because she will be visiting her hubby over the weekend in La Union to catch up with a couple of months not seeing each other. I am really excited to see our monogram made by her but of course I understand her specially now that me and my Alan is currently in a LDR mode too, I assured her that there is no problem, I am not in a hurry. I know being away from your better half is a big challenge for a relationship.
Okay, going  back to our monogram order, after sending her the deposit receipt of our payment She asked me to send her our mood board that she can use as inspiration in making our monogram as soon as she get back. Shameful I am but I just sent her only few pictures of our inspirations. So I decided to make our moodboard finally...For so many ideas we have I can't put them all together in the board so for the moment this collage will do (hopefully).
We basically have a combination of beach and Mexican ideas like cactuses, margaritas, nachos, papel picado, flip flops, shells, maracas, corona beers, sombreros, and chilies. I am  really looking forward to see the 3 monogram studies soon. For sure it will be difficult for me and Alan to choose.
By the way I just made it on time since Sis Joy will be back on Thursday and she even told me that in case I have some "pahabol" she will gratefully accept it, so in a new email I sent to her I have this moodboard attached and that's my pahabol! :p

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