Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy First Date Anniversary!

Yesterday was our first date anniversary...Yes! First date hahaha.....Well if you are a reader of our blog you'll probably knows the story of that first date and  yes it's not so good because I'm as cold as ice to Alan then.  

Well, despite of that fact, after remembering the past I have this nostalgic feeling for what happened that night in Hard Rock Cafe, Sto. Domingo, it suddenly played back and drew a grin in my face. I never knew in the long run it's going to be "US".

To cope up with the not so good attitude I have that date (way back) I'll make it up to Alan with a first date anniversary gift. :D

Since we tied the knot on board the ship last August I confessed but  we don't have any hard copy of our wedding pictures....Ooooops I'm sorry I mean me because Alan do have one in a frame..I'm kind of guilty! So as a present I bought a simple album and filled it with our wedding pictures. I suppose to spill it yesterday but due to a lot of graduating students this week and there's a long line of pictures to be develop I don’t get the chance to get it the same day.

Here it is: 

i love those cute hearts! :D

ooops Rated PG for the first leaf...

a very special day to remember

And of course if Alan have our picture in frame, me too!
There you go!

I am happy He loves it!


Te amo muchisimo Amorcito!
Te extrano mas.....

Anna <3

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