Friday, April 12, 2013

We said " I do " again

At first I thought staying here in Mex will let me post more stories ( because of the new culture and environment) and even shed some pounds ( because I will not be eating rice in a daily basis) but omg!What happened to me? I was like 98.99% gone here and gained like 10 more pounds (loser much! lol).
My bad! I'm so sorry folks but I really dunno what's in here that made me too lazy while the wifi connection is in full bar...What happened in the passed 8 months of laziness? Well....

I arrived, met Alan's family and friends,enjoyed Mexican foods,drank tequila and corona until my liver was about to scream, got tanned by the hell-like summer in Sonoran desert, got frozen by the 1 digit something degree celsius temperature during the winter, etc.....etc....

But you know what's the best part of what happened here?

These.... :D *giggles*

PS. I will keep you hanging for a while if you are waiting for a more detailed stories about our weddings ... Yup! until we are done with our fourth, so please just watch out for that ;) .

our Civil Wedding

our Church Wedding

One more wedding to go folks! ;-)


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