Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our cacti-ish Prenup shoot in Mexico

When I hear the word desert ....a picture of cactus always comes into my mind...And because Hub's place is a desert I always wanted us to have a couple photo with the cacti field as our backdrop. Since, we don't have enough time to plan and all we decided to ask a 16 years old photography hobbyist nephew of  Alan if he can do it for us.We are so glad when he said Yes right away :D

So see how was it below :p

Location: Bahia Kino, Hermosillo, Mexico
Photography by Adrian Luna


  1. heyyyy, I'm so glad to finally read you again! I have enjoyed looking at the picture. You are going to be a really lovely bride! :) Kelan ang wedding?

    Spanish Pinay


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