Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Full's Day

Today 1st day of April most of us normally celebrating it by making jokes and fooling around! Oh well I’m guilty of that cause I even have some silly jokes early this morning.  But today except for this yearly April Fool’s day the  Catholic Church is also celebrating one of the most  important day in the Christian Calendar, the Palm Sunday that marks as the start of Holy week.
In the modern world people may ignore what this day really means but I hope we somehow participate in our own special way. For me this not necessarily means that we have to give up or sacrifice a certain thing  but only by giving our “Full” self in reflecting  on the final week of Jesus’ life is enough.

the palm we've got today 

Philippines is one of the Christian countries that making Holy Thursday and Good Friday as real holidays in the Calendar while other countries having it with their workloads on. So why not we spend it reuniting with our families and together let’s  prepare our hearts for the agony of His Passion and the joy of His Resurrection on these days.
Don’t you worry about the FUN because Easter Sunday is just around the corner and waiting for you to hunt eggs or to dip your bodies in sunny beach!
Let’s start April with a full you; April Full’s day for a FULL week!


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