Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quick Pics week update

Okay so all my stuffs and stories are now hanging and all I can offer you now is a sneak peek of those stories I wanna share...Let me narrate it for you through pictures but pardon me for a not so good quality photos cause I often use my mobile phone's camera.....Please bear with me....

Here it goes...

So my niece finally out of the hospital and the doctor said she suffered from gastroenteritis with some dehydration. We are glad she's fully recovered now.

Isn't it obvious she can play with my shoes now?
A day before we admitted Meg (my niece) in the hospital I was so busy with my US B2 visa application.It was my first time applying b2 though I've been using a C1 visa for almost 7 years now. Normally my agency do it for me so I can't get of cramming and tension when I was doing it plus getting an interview schedule really requires a lot of  patience in waiting. You can't actually choose a date because you have no choice at all but to get the only date you can see in your monitor and a schedule probably made for early birds, you have to choose between 6:30 am and 7:30 am schedule (an hour difference?yay!). Can you imagine how many Filipinos are applying for visa here and so punctual and leave me these schedules? oh well lucky them but of course I took the latter one. LOL

now confirmed! finally.
Now, please pray for me.

I am working for a DIY pomander decor for a month now I guess  and it's not yet done.I am trying to finish and hoping I can share it to you soon..

I am stuck doing this. HELP!!!
I finally enrolled and started my Jeet Kun Do  class! Yey! and now I am loving kick boxing :P

for an affordable offer, why not? right? :P
Early this morning me and Mom went to the wet market to buy something for lunch and we saw a stall selling fresh and alive crabs. Craving hits your writer so I bought almost a kilo to prepare a delish seafood dish.Well, I guess this crustaceans realized that I am his predator and without a minute after I let them out of the plastic bag, grabbed my right thumb finger quickly using its claws and yes now I am injured! Pity me!

Spell C-A-R-E-L-E-S-S!
So there's the quick summary of my week...Hope I can blog for a more detailed post/story soon!
Oh well, let me start eating my late lunch first because I need to take a revenge with Mr.crab... Hmm I'll make sure I'll grab the claws first! LOL

Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. spell O-U-C-H!!!
    Good luck on your interview! :D
    and when you're not busy..check my reply to your comment on my post! :D

  2. Thank you sis! super ouch talaga :(
    I saw your reply to my comment na and I'm so excited about it! yehey! Thank you so much! are you sure? hehe will email you soon! Mwaaah

  3. what an exciting week with variations of activities. You are surely a busy girl.)

  4. really busy ate joy! Thanks po :)


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