Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding: Save the Date

And because I am kind of busy and can't write mucho
 lemme just share to you our Save the Date doodle/photo.  :D


cute right? :P
please click for  better viewing :-)

This doodle was made by one of my favorite wedding supplier, 
and she is none other than Little Miss Paintbrush.
Hep hep! Before you react on how you see the drawing
I would like to share that the whole idea of this (drawing) is from Alan my Love. LOL
The only contribution I have  in making this Save the Date is the cactus thingy
 (to put some Mexican touch to match our theme)
and the calender part instead of just putting the date
(defensive but it's true..haha).

I'm torn between making it just into a normal Save the Date card,
 a ref magnet or print it just like a real photo in photo paper.
What do you think is better?
Don't be shy I am open for suggestions hehe.

Alright then, I need to park now...
Until next time folks!
I hope you like it 
like how Alan and I love them. :D

PS. I can't wait to write a post about Little Miss Paintbrush and the rest of our booked suppliers, oh just please bear with me..because your Pinay Mex right here is kind of lazy due to lack of rice consumption! -kiddin ^_^


  1. ang ganda! kaaliw :-)ang cheerful ng color :-) Love it!

  2. weeeeeh!! Thank you sis Peachy! :)

  3. very cute and with sense of humor save the date! :) So idea ni Alan to... kid him "so that's how you see us getting married? you getting tied and chained???" haha!

    about the format.. I am torn between ref magnet and normal photo. normal photo can be cheaper then again, ref magnet can be nicer since people can put it in their ref and serve as some sort of reminder and then later on, parang souvenir na rin :)

    Spanish Pinay

  4. Thanks Sis! Exactly sis, I already kid him about that when he told me about the idea...at least it's not me getting tied and chained LOL

    That's what I'm thinking too about the format but more on making it just normal photo with frame maybe because i wanted to put some beach-y touch on it since it was made when we are unsure of our theme yet. :D

  5. Sis! This is such an adorable cartoon!!!!!!!!! And I'm impressed with H2B for coming up with this idea.

    I think it will be cool as a magnet. I think you can buy magnet boards where you can just glue/paste your cardpaper. :) Good luck, sis!

    1. i know right! ahaha I love it, so cool!

      I love to make it as a magnet but i dunno where to put a touch of beach then.... hmmmm we'll see sissy! Thanks much :)

  6. I really like your card -- it's cute, but I don't know what to suggest for a format.

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    1. thank you Sir! I love your site, my pleasure :D

  7. For me, it is vey nice already!Beautiful couple!

  8. Ang cute ng anime-ish caricature!


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