Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY edible bouquet

Hi there! :D
As promised here’s one of my updates.
I want to share with you my DIY edible bouquet.
Oh well I dunno why I do it while I'm on a diet (LOL). Actually I am thinking of an edible bouquet for our prenup shoot and this idea popped up my head...

Just a piece of cake…

coke is hidden on the side. haha

All you need is a small round styro (P4.50)
A pair of generic chopsticks/BBQ sticks
Macaroons (I used the one from Goldilocks) (P65.00 per pack)
Some leaves from granny's pots
Tooth picks

How I made it? Hmmm just see the picture  below and you’ll see how easy it is to make…. :)

Bon appétit! 

Just insert the chopsticks in the middle of the round styro.
 Wrap the sticks with the ribbon  and put the leaves somewhere
 in the middle while wrapping.

Stick the macaroons one by one using the tooth picks.
(sorry I don't have the photo of the inserted tooth picks around it before putting the macaroons on top)
There you go!

Hush! But to be honest 1 pack of macaroons is not enough.
I guess 3 more pieces needed...I just don't show the unoccupied space. :P  

Of course making it edible is useless if I will not gonna eat it! wahaha

I hope you enjoyed it! Because I do with matching cold coke on the side... :P
Good luck to my diet then! Yay!

I ate like 4 pieces of it and share the rest to my lil bro and my niece! They love it too! delish <3


  1. you're so creative!! Goldilock's Macaroons are delish..^_^

  2. Thanks ladies! :)
    It's a sweet temptation indeed! haha :)

  3. sis you are soooo cute, and creative!!! fave ko pa naman yan! why didn't you share this before my prenup! para nakagawa man lang ako. lol

    1. haha.thanks sis! I'm sorry sis...late ko na sya naisip! hehe


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