Monday, April 30, 2012

Latin band search at Cafe Havana : failed

Hi folks!
It's been a while..Pardon me for not updating,  I'm quite glued right where I am now due to uneasiness.I'm kind of worried about my upcoming visa applications...Please pray  for me cause this not-so-good-sitting-on-electric-chair-like-feeling is really giving me a cold feet.
I've been busy though, to give you a's the how it's been (in random order)-----> I gave myself some ME time ( I've got footspa and facial finally : ) , went to the Mexican Embassy in Makati to inquire about the requirements needed for me to get a visa, attended my friend's Diaconal Ordination in Lipa City, booked our wedding cake supplier in Batangas City and went to Cafe Havana to check the performance of the Latin band playing there.
Since it's a lot to tackle let us focus first to the last one.
Alan and I really love latin music plus the fact that our crazy love story was born in a club where salsa and bachata is being played LOL.But, since we will be having our wedding here in the Philippines latin band or even mariachi band is quite hard to find here so when I learned about this latin band performing in Cafe Havana I immediately inquired.Hiring a latin band is just a nice-to-have for me but since I'm sure Alan would love it in case we can have a live latin music playing on our wedding party I gave it a try. I was able to contact the vocalist of the band through emails and she gave me a date for a meeting (April 27, 8pm) in Cafe Havana where they playing regularly during Fridays.
Friday, I've got the chance to drag BFF Charm to accompany me in Grenbelt 3 to watch them.Unfortunately, it seems like that the vocalist forgot about out meet up and even if I sent her an sms she don't even got the chance  to reply. 8:30, 9:30...and still no show...They started playing their first set and it seems she totally forgot about it... I can actually come over and remind her about our meeting but after hearing and watching their first set performance I've change my mind.It's not the latin music that Alan would like to have so instead of waiting we just leave the place and gone.. I know it's rude but I dunno why we just can't stay that long in a place with an awkward ambiance for us. I just don't wanna elaborate anymore...
So there... hiring that latin band is kind of  failure..
Cafe Havana is a Cuban restobar....I've been traveling in the Caribbean and some Latin countries but not in Cuba yet so I am not aware how an authentic cuban food taste like all I know is that I would still choose Mexican food than the food we ate there. I don't like the curry-taste-like they have that is not so inviting in my palate, but then having mojito is a plus...Well it's not cuban without having a mojito anyway.....right!
Here's a peek!
I tried their mangojito instead of's a mango flavored one :D
So-so okay....

Calamares Ulos-it's like normal calamares
 but i don't want the taste of the sauce

Bistic a la Cubano- this one is not my type
Cuban Love Boat -this one is good! :)
it's the interior where we are seated...
those Cuban hats and cigars are tempting :P
Sorry for the bad quality of photos, i am just using my mobile phone here.

Hmmmmm....What do you think? 
Well, we decided to just make our own playlist of latin music....burn it and let the DJ do his job. 
Wait!!!did I already told you that sis Clai of Sssshhhhh.....Im thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is offering her awesome  singing talent for free on our wedding day (actually it's like taken by force yata LOL) so we'll just grab this great opportunity,it's like an early wedding gift (thank you sis! :D). Her music may not be latin but hey when you see one of her videos you could tell that she can make our party people alive and dancing teeheee! :)

PS. By the way the vocalist answered my sms around 11:30 pm and I'm about to hit the sack. :( Too late, I just ignored it.


  1. Nice experience though and I am sure your wedding will be grand with or without Latin music.

    1. Thanks Ate Joy! hihi hopefully maging ok nga po kahit walang latin band :)

  2. Everything's so-so about the place huh? ;)
    Anyway, be prepared to shell out 3k up for the intro dive. For the lessons (to get a license so you can dive after), around 15k up. Expensive hobby but if you really love it, I think it's worth it!

    1. yes,for me so sya :)
      Wow thanks for the info about diving lesson....I wanna try the intro dive muna and if andito na si hubby will enroll for the lesson to get license hehe....medyo advantage din kase sya sa work namin eh..... I know medyo expensive pero i'm sure it's worth it :D

  3. tama na you went by your gut feel. kung hindi na nga professional sa umpisa pa lang, mahirap na pagkatiwalaan.

  4. Pinoy boyfriends are amazing! Very similar to latin guys, loving and romantic. Phillipines and Mexico= brother countries. Atentamente: a mexican girl.


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