Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New hairdo

Hey folks!
Been idle for a while...I have few updates about our wedding preps and I wanna write something about our booked suppliers but I just can't get off my ass to do it just yet. Well maybe it's the post effect of long weekend last week...

Lil bro and I actually bound to the mall now to watch a good movie, I just felt guilty for not updating this blog so before we leave i wanna share to you my new hairdo :P

I don't have a plan at all to chop my hair but I dunno what happened and I suddenly dragged my sister to the nearest salon for a hair cut and here's my hair now....

like or love? :D

Yes I have bangs now...just that and  make it trimmed  2 inches down....So far I love it! hope Alan too :)
How about you?...
Got to go! Will update soon promise!

By the way I took the picture in the supermarket where we headed right after my hair is done...:D


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