Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY: Kids activity book

We actually wanted our wedding day  to be a "for adults only" event but since it's kind of impossible, we just decided to have a kids corner for them where they can eat and play.

We have six kiddos in our entourage 3 flower girls and the 3 boys as bearers so automatically 6 kiddos. Maybe I will just add 4 more or less for the total count and hopefully that's enough, I don't want our wedding to looks like a kids party. :/

To keep them entertained we made a DIY work book with the help of our lovely indeed source. :D
Muchisimo gracias for this!
Alan sent me the printable file and I'm the one who printed and sewed it out.

See below our finished products....

I made only  8 pieces for the meantime

lovely made for <3

of course I put shells for a beach-y accents as always :p

1st page


And that's another labor of love. :D

Aside from this we will provide them crayons, pencils and maybe some sand castle building tools too.
Hope it works....We need to keep them busy and happy so adults can partey- partey! Yey!


  1. Very nice idea :-) Sis, about the rolled magazine papers, I was thinking that maybe you can try to make accessories (e.g. necklace) for the bridesmaids :D look up for some tutorial - that is if you have time lang...kasi mejo time consuming but they sure come out very unique ;-). Then maybe some center pieces for the tables too hehe

    Spanish Pinay

    1. thanks sis! yeah that a great idea...I will try to find tutorial where i can make center pieces and maybe garland-like accessories out of it! :)hmmm medyo time consuming nga lang!hehe need to dig for ols mags as early as now :)

  2. like seeing talented pinays. Make me proud of being a filipino:)


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