Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our official monogram

Without further ado, the winner is!!!........

monogram #3

It's kind of difficult for us to choose which monogram to be use  but because of the help of you guys we came up with this decision.

By the way here's the tally:

Monogram #1: 4 votes
Monogram #2: 12 votes
Monogram #3:36 votes

Not only because of the landslide votes that's why we chose this monogram but because personally this one attracts us the most though at first I also have the eye for monogram #2. We might be using the monogram in smaller size so I guess this one is the best to be use (we can still see the details even in smaller size).

And finally this is our official monogram.

Thank you so much Sis Joy for your lovely creation! :D


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