Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Early birds in the beach

Yesterday my Aunt and Uncle residing in Cavite came for a visit and early this morning suddenly got interested to have a dip in the seawater since it's like a decade ago since their last trip to the beach. My early morning gym session was cancelled so they dragged me together with my lil bro. Since I missed doing my cardio work out in the gym I swam instead.

I don't wanna miss writing this.

Nice weather..... We even saw fishermen who just came from fishing...and they are selling their freshly caught fishes.Of course we bought because men it's a very good deal! :D

early birds catches the worm

They call this fish pulang buntot (red tail). Sorry, due to the dim light of morning sun
we can't take a closer and clearer view using my mobile.
We paid only P100 for almost 2 kilos of fish. Great deal! :D

Holding the net pretending we caught them too.LOL

That's how I started my day but before we leave that very calm place my eyes leaned in those islets  few miles away and promised I'll visit them soon. Hey! it's more fun in Calapan City.

Yes those islets!


  1. Ang sarap naman dyan sa tirahan nyo. lapit s abeach at puede ligo anytime. Dito rin, lapit kami beach. kaso nagyeyelo ang tubig:) So I just enjoyed the view!hi hi.

    1. thanks ate joy,masarap nga ilang tumbling lang beach na hehe...Ay oo nga magaganda mga view ng beach dyan yun nga lang malamig hehe... :)

  2. it's always refreshing to live near the water. nothing beats the food and weather!


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